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Sunshine (Sun x Child Reader) by PumpkinSpiceRat
Sunshine (Sun x Child Reader)by ricecrckr
! Friendship only ! #1 In fivenightsatfreddys and fnaf?!? Thank u sm!!! All the children run around the brightly lit daycare, but you sit alone. Your parents went around...
SUNDROP/MOONDROP X READER (Fanfic!) by storydoodles
SUNDROP/MOONDROP X READER (Fanfic!)by storydoodles
#1 in sundropfnaf (1/9/2022) #2 in moondrop (1/9/2022) Goodbye sanity! Hello hyperfixations! WARNING! You are at risk of encountering: Cringy writing. Possible spice. Y...
-You are my Sunshine- Sundrop x child! Reader by That0neEm0
-You are my Sunshine- Sundrop x That0neEm0
You are a child in the daycare and your fairly new and no one likes you very much until you met Sundrop. Overtime you and him become friends. Read to find out! (This is...
Sundrop/Moondrop Smutshots! by dearkittyboy
Sundrop/Moondrop Smutshots!by lankyrobotsimp
Hey! The fandom seems to be fresh for smutshots, so I think I'll try it out! This is my first time putting up my smut work so don't judge me ahahahaha
Sundrop/Moondrop x Reader: Ours  by psyxchosis
Sundrop/Moondrop x Reader: Ours by psychosis
Applying as the Daycare Assistant wasn't something you thought twice about. You wouldn't say you so much as loved children, but you were a gentle person, always putting...
Sunrise × sh ing child/teen reader  by kaimonsterenergy
Sunrise × sh ing child/teen reader by Grimm
[no ped0 shit here just comfort] Also not my art workkk you are a child who got lost in the pizza plex and is running away form the killer robots when you wander into th...
Neglected- Sun/moon x child reader  by Levi69692121
Neglected- Sun/moon x child reader by Levi 💀🐁
You where getting neglected and abused by your parents. They took you to this really nice pizza place and put you in the daycare. They never came back. You spent most of...
Sundrop/moondrop x reader by gUmmi-gUtz
Sundrop/moondrop x readerby Joel
(Cover art not mine) This is a personal thing ig? Just something to do while a step away from the madness fic for a bit. If you like the story feel free to follow it an...
Sundrop/Moondrop x y/n by Briana838845
Sundrop/Moondrop x y/nby Sundropmoondropsimp
This is a fan-fiction we're you get a new job at the Mega Pizza Plex and you become best friends with an animatronic, but he has a secret you find out not to long later...
Sunrise/Moondrop x Reader (Fnaf Security Breach)  by Jul1anT00ns
Sunrise/Moondrop x Reader (Fnaf Jul1anT00ns
!!NOT CONTINUEING!! Im sorry to inform everyone that im not gonna be continuing this series due to my writing burn out and me being out of the fnaf fandom. i hope you al...
Sundrop/Moondrop x Reader Oneshots by Bumble_Boba
Sundrop/Moondrop x Reader Oneshotsby Bumble
Thought it would be a fun idea so here this is :) Slight Sexual Warning Cover Art is by yours truly ;)
 🔞Sundrop x Moondrop🔞  by AbyssStoriesFNaF
🔞Sundrop x Moondrop🔞 by Cirsten Ayotte
this is a 🔞nsfw🔞 FNaF Sundrop and Moondrop ship story! they are not the same person, nor brothers in this story! if you are a minor. I have other stories that are eith...
Sun/Moondrop x Reader  by SomeWeirdPotato261
Sun/Moondrop x Reader by Simp4Sun_Moon
Tw before reading: smut, cussing, angst, slow start About: you're 21 years old and you had to babysit your sister Emily, you two went to the pizzaplex and met an energet...
solar power || sundrop by pink-a-dink
solar power || sundropby pinks
a chaotic individual and a twice as chaotic animatronic spend six hours together. tw/cw - choking 26 / 12 / 21 // reader is 18+ !! // shortfic (3/8)
- Sun/Moon X Reader  -  by MindFreak12345678
- Sun/Moon X Reader - by υя мσм
Y/n (aka you) is gender neutral in this! :D (I did not make the book cover, image by @wrongdude__ on Twitter do go check them out their art...
Sundrop x Reader by FishFooD005
Sundrop x Readerby FishFooD005
Simps come get yalls meal [I will try to update as often as possible every 1 - 2 days. Be patient with me please!]
Sundrop/Moondrop x Y/N by UwwwwU
Sundrop/Moondrop x Y/Nby Alex
You'll be meeting your old friend from long time ago. Let's see if he remembers you. . . . Sundrop will go by he/she/they prouns and moondrop he/they. Not fully sure abo...
Sun/Moon/Eclipse/Lunar Oneshot book thing by _SaltyFries_
Sun/Moon/Eclipse/Lunar Oneshot Robin
Yay, I have another oneshot book! I will post oneshots and you can request oneshots. {NONE OF THE ART IS MINE}
Yandere Sun X Moon by IndigoPearl89
Yandere Sun X Moonby Nightmare Night
Because it's yandere, there's A LOT of adult themes here. I have listed them in the first chapter so people can read them and choose to read or avoid this book. This is...
The missing child {Fnaf Security breach fanfic} [NOT CANNON] by _SaltyFries_
The missing child {Fnaf Security Robin
Tracy's mom wasnt paying attention and now Tracy's stuck in the daycare, it would'nt be such a big problem if Tracy was'nt 2 years old. Now Tracy has to make it through...