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BLACKMAILED BY MR. BILLIONAIRE #PhoenixAwardsApplicant by angelprincess24
BLACKMAILED BY MR. BILLIONAIRE #Ph...by Dr. Tina Meherchandani M
( This is the second book of MR. BILLIONAIRE SERIES ) ANGELA ANDERSON is a 24 years old young woman, who is confident, independent, smart, and extremely beautiful. She l...
His Sweet Addiction (BTS ff JJK) by DoyouknowBTS92
His Sweet Addiction (BTS ff JJK)by DoyouknowBTS?
Jungkook and his brothers are the high school bad boys. Jungkook has to sit next to new student Madison whose cheerful personality annoys the hell out of him. Until he f...
♪Complete opposites ♪ by haha_helpm3
♪Complete opposites ♪by Ur mom lamo
♡ Dalia; a gentle, sweet, kind girl that almost everyone knows and loves. ♡ ☆ Vance; a angry, rude, violent boy that everyone knows and fears. ☆ What happens when Vance...
His Forceful Love(Beastly Love)✔ by hinashiekh_
His Forceful Love(Beastly Love)✔by hinashiekh_
Its on dreame , here its not complete ABHAY SINGH RAIZADA he is a mafia don.he is also called beast .noble people dont even want to cross his path MYRA KAPOOR she is a...
only his  by slurpnatty
only his by natashaa
A nineteen year old girl who has never had much luck in dating meets a 20 year old playboy and falls in love with him...read to find what's gonna happen next
The Thing I Like About You by tondra96
The Thing I Like About Youby T.T:3
Tondra got into a car accident, but that isn't the worse part. The worst part is that now she's dying so she asks the bad boy William Caleb to help her with her dying wi...
His Ruthless Love (Available On Dreame) by hinashiekh_
His Ruthless Love (Available On Dr...by hinashiekh_
EDITING CREDIT: Redline0311 WAHAAJ ALI KHAN he is the definition of ruthless mafia . he doesnt care about anyone except his mother. people avoid looking in his eyes in...
Kidnapped By A Mafia Leader by WeLoveAGoodKween
Kidnapped By A Mafia Leaderby “Woof”
My name is Delilah Neistroid. -------------------------- I'm 19 years old and I live in the city of Dortonville in Michigan. As I got in my car I looked at the time, 10...
Immortal•HS by fullmoonhxrry
Immortal•HSby ∞§ummer•§tar∞
her Name is Zoe,his Name is Harry,two different students in one school.. she's a pretty girl,lovely skin,with beautiful eyes ,she's 19... he.s cute,sexy,adorable,pal...
Mafia Boss Wife by Cxlixx
Mafia Boss Wifeby Cxlixx
Pinakasal sa taong Hindi mo gusto Ang ugali Yung Tao na Alam mong sasaktan ka Kasi masama siya
Bad team MIRACULOUS by Ackermann_Eren
Bad team MIRACULOUSby Vicky
Marinette jest nową uczennicą francuskiego liceum. Matka dziewczyny jest zawodową siatkarką, ojciec piłkarzem, NIGDY nie mają czasu dla córki. Nastolatka przenosi się d...
Something I never told you   by aliyarehann
Something I never told you by Aliyarehannn
Raghav and pallavi best friend . . . . husband wife from best friends but how ??
The Devil's Angel  by imaconfusedsoul
The Devil's Angel by imaconfusedsoul
Ava Wilson and Rian Carson. Complete opposites. She is sweet, clumsy and innocent while he is ruthless and cold-hearted. She is extremely caring while he is merciless...
Trapping Her (Short Story) by StrangeOutcast
Trapping Her (Short Story)by StrangeOutcast
-some stories begin with heartbreak- Escaping from the pain of betrayal, Suhana finds herself entrapped by a deadly cloak of darkness. She manages to catch the attention...
It Started With A Kiss by klutzgirl19
It Started With A Kissby Shalu
When the bad boy turns into an arrogant ruthless billionaire. Kade Kavinsky, the ruthless billionaire and CEO of the Kavinsky Inc. returns back to River Hill after 7 ye...
Thick And Thin by itsnotuser123
Thick And Thinby itsnotuser123
Beatrice James is a 18 year old girl. She is known for being really kind, sweet and smart at school. She always has a smile on her face and tends to make others happy, b...
Compilation of best romantic wattpad stories by angelruxin
Compilation of best romantic wattp...by angelruxin
Best romantic stories of all time on wattpad at one place!!
HIM AS YOUR ADMIRER.  by Taeiriafics
HIM AS YOUR ADMIRER. by Taeiria--31
-"May i know who you are? " -"I'm Taehyung, the idiot who was caught glancing at you."
The Boy I Love by Galaxylionwolf
The Boy I Loveby Galaxylionwolf
When 16 year old Elfina moves next door to bad boy Nathan Blair she realizes she'll be going to his school. Will they become friends or will he start problems?