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sometimes rain, sometimes rainbow - poetry collection  by starry_poetry
sometimes rain, sometimes goldfish
a collection of poems, written in real time about the good, the bad, and the ugly that comes with healing. PLEASE READ THE CONTENT WARNINGS this poetry collection inclu...
All Doki Doki Literature Club Poems by paradoxical_madness
All Doki Doki Literature Club Poemsby 星空
Every poem from DDLC starting from Day Two( as that's where the poems start in the game), all the way to every Special Poem in order.
A Dreamer's Reawakening (2021~) by Cristalina_Starr
A Dreamer's Reawakening (2021~)by Wayra
A continuation of "A Dreamer's Journals" (2016-2019) A collection of all the dreams I remember well enough, and aren't too private to share. From calm and symb...
Leicester by MrJ0nes
Leicesterby MrJ0nes
A Poetry Book
Unbridled by citrusteavoid
Unbridledby citrusteavoid
Unbridled. Life is a shit show of emotions. I'm trying things out on here. I'm open to critiques and opinions. :)
We are here now. by causeillleaveanyway
We are here exoplasmic_reticulum
We must dream, watch them shatter, fall apart piece by piece, agonizingly slow. We must dream again, before reality becomes a truth we can never wake up from. A parall...
Flower Meanings and Symbols from the Internet by miyakomigoto11
Flower Meanings and Symbols from BeautifulCity11
"Flower Language". Have you ever heard of it? Aside from the universal Red Rose that says "I love you", this book explores the diverse beauty and cha...
Poems From My Soul by existential_dread__
Poems From My Soulby existential_dread__
(ALL ORIGINAL WORK) Some miscellaneous poetry I have written in the past, and some which I will post in the future. WARNING: TW for depression, mental health, suicidal t...
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Meditations by jakebr118
Meditationsby Jake Brown
My collection of poetry. No real theme here, just what I feel like writing about.
I'll Guard You (A Rise of the Guardians fanfic) by XxMichaelaxX
I'll Guard You (A Rise of the Michaela
Analee Rose (or just Rose) is a normal 17 year old girl. One day, she dies at the hand of a man that she helped out of pure goodness. She comes back as into the world of...
Recollections by 3twxnty3
Recollectionsby 3twxnty3
In these final hours...
Bloom by juliannavelecina
Bloomby Juli Velecina
"I can wander in this paradise alone for I am otherwise" Come with me as I walk you through my journey of nurturing myself, finding inner peace, making friends...
Carnation (Hanahaki AU) by CyanInMyDream
Carnation (Hanahaki AU)by BlueTulip
He causes flowers to grow in your lungs, slowly taking away your ability to breath, suffocating you softly with their delicate petals. They are beautiful, but you can't...
All Of The Broken Promises by SilverCranes
All Of The Broken Promisesby RedPoppy
I ran as fast as I could. I couldn't bear the reality of the promises he broke. Eventually I stopped, huffing trying to calm my breathing. My hair soaked from the pourin...
Phoenix ✔️ by SVTSwrites
Phoenix ✔️by Shree
From a young age, Nicole's always been called "Phoenix." Why? Like a phoenix, Nicole can regenerate after being burnt down to ashes. Each time she regenerates...
Memento Mori by Epic_Glitter
Memento Moriby Epic_Glitter
For her favorite blue-haired rebel's eighteenth birthday, Rachel Amber got her the perfect gift! Note: this is a Life is Strange fanfic.
Etheriality  by BlightofDawn
Etheriality by marrow
Astraea wakes up in another world.
Creative Writing by IfeAjet
Creative Writingby Kingpiece
This is a collection of short stories and pieces which I mostly, randomly got the "inspiration" for. They are up individually on Medium. Some of them might mak...
These lonely nights... by J_R_Hansen
These lonely J. R Hansen
Consider this doodle made of words. Small sentences floating through the night Old memories, regrets, a present and a past Written down in poems. Is it for your enjoymen...