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Love From Heart by tae_kook_life_7
Love From Heartby its you babe💜
Jeon jungkook- a very cold kid for everyone doesn't give a dam about what you think but had one person in his heart from their first meeting Kim taehyung- a very cute a...
The fallen angel|J.H by Taeberry26
The fallen angel|J.Hby t.y.3.5
اعـتـدنـا الـخـوض فـي عـرضـك ووصـفـك بـأمـرأة مـلـطـخـة بـالـخـطـيـئـة، لـيـعـلـمـن انـكِ اشـرف واطـهـر الـنـسـاء بـنـظـري ~ مـجـيـئـك كـان تـقـبـيـلـاً لـجـوارحـي الـتـ...
Happiness Is Love 💓🪐🔞 by FairyyWriterrr
Happiness Is Love 💓🪐🔞by NotHuman
Just a Taekook's love story 🔞⚘🤍 Published - 04/07/2022 💙✨
The Boy In My Dream | Taekook by ArthurCroteau
The Boy In My Dream | Taekookby Arthur Croteau
Jungkook dreams about a boy who will come to he's school but each dream is romantic or strange Top:Tae🐯 bottom:Jungkook🐰
Daylight by its4myshits
Daylightby pak U.
#FilipinoTaekookau, where in; Cold Apollo Jeon was a Mayor's son of Toravinna and Haxie Yvion Kim a lazy ass who got fired on his job decided to visit his hometown which...
Fly to Fall (A Taekook FF) by DalTaeyang0130
Fly to Fall (A Taekook FF)by DalTaeyang0130
Captain Jeon Jungkook is a novice airline pilot who is dedicated to his work...too dedicated that he has no interest in anything else, including love. But, he feels some...
you are mine (Taekook) by vkcherry713
you are mine (Taekook)by vkcherry7.13
I love you whether you belong or not.🙂❤️💫
دووژمنەکەم  by 95__vk97
دووژمنەکەم by Kim🕊melle 🦋
چیرۆکی نێوان دوو گەورە دووژمنە کە بەهۆی چارەنووسەوە. پەیوەندیەکەیان لە ڕق و قینەوە دەبێت بە. خۆشەویستی
taekook fanart by rukixmukami
taekook fanartby yves
o this book contains taekook/vkook fanart o please keep in mind that there may be 18+ fanart as well o credit goes to all of the rightful owners, therefore i am not clai...
Notes and Doodles by BosNiqueC
Notes and Doodlesby BosNiqueC
A shy person tried to cheer up the one he likes in the only way that he knows how. Leaving notes with doodles in his locker.
moonlight ; pjm + kth by knjdilf
moonlight ; pjm + kthby tash
his red hair and crescent moon eyes, his long fingers turning dusty pages in the library; jimin yearned to fall in love with taehyung, except that he already was so smit...
FAKE | vkook by VScofield
FAKE | vkookby :):
"Dann werde ich eben so tun, als wäre ich dein Freund." 》•°•°•°•°《 Wieso denkt man nur nicht immer darüber nach, was man tut? Genau das fragte sich Jungkook st...
My Possessive Bully (Taekook)  by lamprini_taekook
My Possessive Bully (Taekook) by lamprini_taekook
Jeon jungkook is the alpha and bad boy of the school, he is a fuck boy and a bully too. He doesn't have a mate but soon he will find him. Kim taehyung is a very rare a...
Taekook Oneshot's by veronica001100
Taekook Oneshot'sby Juie
I'll upld here some short stories which will have one or two chapters maybe three.. Top Taehyung Bottom Jungkook Love Angst Suicide, sad ending( only in one story ) ...
HIS | TAEKOOK by _masherum
HIS | TAEKOOKby kabute
enemies to fuck buddies. elias hates avery because of his stupid reasons. #filoau WARNINGS • taglish ! • bp!th • grammatical erros and typos
Yasaklı madde~Okul by k-pop231
Yasaklı madde~Okulby Taehyungwqx
Jungkook okulda zorbalık gören birisiydi kim tarafından diye sorarsanız tabii ki Kim Taehyung Seme;Tae Uke;Kook
The Perfect Match (TAEKOOK) by cumbxby
The Perfect Match (TAEKOOK)by 𝐛𝐞𝐚𝐫.
Jungkook joins a dating app and meets one the sweetest yet dominate man he has ever met.
They're my medicine | P. JM FF ¦ K. TH FF ¦ J. JK FF by loverzmoonlight
They're my medicine | P. JM FF ¦ K...by ☾︎moonlight lover☽︎
This book is a threesome love story of about the BTS members: -Park Jimin -Kim Taehyung -Jeon Jungkook Jungkook is the main character Jimin and Taehyung is also but won'...
¿Cuántos bits? kt. by koomandoestelar2
¿Cuántos bits? kt.by hó
"A ver, tanto que tanto tu novio alardea de tí. ¿Cuantos bits para que vayas ahora mismo a su stream y sin decirle nada, besarlo intensamente? Nada de picos, zorra...