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Loving, Tita Alessia by RaiWestin
Loving, Tita Alessiaby reverie
- on going - professor × student Dalawang babaeng may nararamdaman sa isa't isa ngunit sadyang mapaglaro ang tadhana dahil hindi ito puwede sa mata ng lahat. Alessia Mor...
Maid and Boss (DonBelle) by mslittlegirlx
Maid and Boss (DonBelle)by Bebe
I noticed that some of you don't read the description. So I just wanted to clear up that this story was inspired by He's Into Her Now that it's cleared up, happy reading...
Why me? by Notsogood_17
Why me?by Notsogood
Another Chaennie story ❤️ Ang dami kasing tumatakbo sa isip ko 🤦
MBS#3: EROS YARWELL by inkypendy
MBS#3: EROS YARWELLby chaptermaker
MAFIA BOYS SERIES #03 arranged marriage, sometimes this is the reason why the company is doing well, the income is going well, and the family's wealth is going well. But...
Eccedentesiast:The Pain Untold [ SOON ] by Bigong_Panulat
Eccedentesiast:The Pain Untold [ S...by Ako Si Binibining J
Amara Eunice is full of positivity despite how bad life she have. She always have that smile on her face, nobody knows that behind those smiles are broken hearts and suf...
Everything behind the Wall (EBW taglish) by tresryl
Everything behind the Wall (EBW ta...by oshiiiii
A Silence means everything they said what will happen if you got dared to enter into the world of quiet man who have a very deep secret inside will Marcus continue his p...
Purest-Tainted Heart by Sea_chery
Purest-Tainted Heartby Chery
Love is really incredible. It can mend a person's soul but at the same time it can destroy someone's sanity. Angel is just as innocent as a true angel when it comes to l...
My Lovely Boss  ||VICEION|| by 0six10
My Lovely Boss ||VICEION||by Elle
Hi👶🏻, ang storya po na ito ay tungkol sa viceion👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 This is my first story 👶🏻😊 I hope you support 🙏 Thank you💕 Pure FANFICTION lang po ito❣️ ENJOY READIN...
Reminiscing by the Waves by selenozy
Reminiscing by the Wavesby eli
an epistolary | Coastal Series #1 Xavierre Gallardo somehow manages to keep a strong personality despite everything she has been through. She struggles to trust new peop...
Love At First Sight  by pjyaprgga
Love At First Sight by เจ้าหญิงปารากวา
Love at first sight is a personal experience as well as a common trope in literature: a person or character feels an instant, extreme, and ultimately long-lasting romant...
Kahit 'Di Mo Alam [COMPLETED] by nancycarroline
Kahit 'Di Mo Alam [COMPLETED]by nancy
A continued story of "Kung 'Di Rin Lang Ikaw" Sa bawat saglit, handang masaktan kahit 'di mo alam Year 2028 Started writing: October 1, 2022 Finished: February...
Can I Be Him? [Completed] by Mscubes
Can I Be Him? [Completed]by rubxk_
NATHALIE MARTINEZ'S STORY Things are happening all too fast and just because of one mistake their relationship was ruined. He was like a bubble that popped and disappea...
Could We by bellezaofzsazsa
Could Weby e | zsazsa
Amelia(Zsa Zsa Padilla) and Matthew(Gary Valenciano) who were separated by Matt's mother in order to pursue and fulfill their singing and acting careers, but fifteen yea...
11 Years Age Gap by me_ynnna
11 Years Age Gapby Ms. Dudayyy
It is challenging for a 28-year-old guy to fall in love with a 17-year-old girl. With such a big age gap, some people only think that it's just all about lust and money...
I Don't Care How Long It Takes by sychedracula
I Don't Care How Long It Takesby Cleo Fawn Galvan
Tagalog Love Story Professor x Student WARNING: Grammatical and Typographical Errors Ahead! REMINDER: Plagiarism is a Crime
INLOVE WITH MY MOTHER'S MAN by cheese100cake
Aug 22, Sunday (start of the story) *********( End of the story) Hope you like it it's my first story enjoy
The Queen's Obsession by Devil_Queen415
The Queen's Obsessionby HidingYourHeir
Cut them is my desire. Bloods that makes me insane. Torturing? That's how i play. Make them suffer is my game. Try to mess with me, and you'll see hell before death. ...
The Singer's Dream by SkyWrites102
The Singer's Dreamby SkyWrites102
Wendy Shon was a famous Korean Balladeer, her songs she wrote were full of longing for a love she hasn't found yet until she was on break from her recent comeback, Wendy...