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{Sonic} Campus Life by _Sarahkins_
{Sonic} Campus Lifeby SonicxAmylover
Oh you know the story. The new girl comes to a new high school and befriends a group of people, while slowly gaining a crush on the popular boy who messes with her...Tha...
A Love Born From Hell (Tails.exe x Cream.exe) by AzureEclipse
A Love Born From Hell (Tails.exe x...by Kayla🌙
So I've loved Taiream from the start but then I discovered Sonic.exe and Sally.exe. I saw some fanart of Taiream.exe and fell in love with the couple! I was disappointed...
prayers to the metal god - a taiream story by Popdumb
prayers to the metal god - a taire...by doctor edgar.
Tails and Cream went to an isolated area where many badniks reside, to retrieve the stolen Master Emerald, not knowing what's waiting in the corner. Not any of your aver...
Turned to Dust: A Dark Sonic Story by IcetheHedgehog06
Turned to Dust: A Dark Sonic Storyby Rush06
Sonic defeats Dr. Eggman once again, but right before the battle ended, Dr. Eggman tells the hedgehog that the connections to his friends never really existed. Now at f...
tails x yandere cream by Tailsthefox114250
tails x yandere creamby Miles "Tails" Prower
Cream will do anything for Miles "Tails" Prower to love her. even if that means killing all his friends...
Escape by LQIURHOUQwr
Escapeby Aditya Kumbhare
Cream was captured by Dr. Robotnik! But since Sonic and Amy are "busy", It is up to Tails to save her.
The Black Magic Girls (Sonic couples story) by Levifloreslaureta
The Black Magic Girls (Sonic coupl...by Lapiz Blue
Sonic couples including Taiream, Sonamy, Shadikal, Knuxouge and Silvaze. It's a story about a group of five girls are popular in Korea and transfered to Mobius for their...
Sonic Boom... Cream Came Back by Levifloreslaureta
Sonic Boom... Cream Came Backby Lapiz Blue
What if Cream is in Sonic boom? and Found out that Tails had a new Crush? This is a fanfiction of Sonic boom that Cream the Rabbit is in... I hope you like it!!!
Sonic Truth or Dare by zfinn123
Sonic Truth or Dareby zfinn123
What happens when the sonic gang plays truth or dare... A lot of craziness that's what Shippings include: sonamy taiream silvaze ...
Sonamy High School Love Story(Completed) by Lizzy-chu
Sonamy High School Love Story(Comp...by Lizzy-chu
[Completed] This is my very first story I hope you guys enjoy reading this as match as I enjoy making this so if you wanna find out what this story is about just read an...
🎃A Halloween To Never Forget🕷️ by lyla_the_hedgehog
🎃A Halloween To Never Forget🕷️by Lyla The Hedgehog
Sonic and his friends have been planning to throw a Halloween party at Tails' house. They plan all the decorations, music, food, invite all their friends, and even buy...
Intertwined Lovers ❤️ in Superhero High - Sonamy by Mighty_Phoenix1
Intertwined Lovers ❤️ in Superhero...by Phoenix
'Welcome to Superhero High! You have all been chosen to come to this special school for those who have been gifted with abilities. Some of you might know your powers alr...
Taiream: Your True Colours by Levifloreslaureta
Taiream: Your True Coloursby Lapiz Blue
About a young rabbit named Cream who loved to cheer people up. But only one person who haven't had this kind of experience and the only person who haven't smile yet, his...
Living without her (Sonamy) by Rainbowaway
Living without her (Sonamy)by lol
Amy Rose, tired of Sonics constant rejection runs away, leaving everyone else to wonder where she went...
Other Time, Other Rose (Sonamy Story) by sonamyLover05205
Other Time, Other Rose (Sonamy Sto...by Penelope_Rosette25
Amy Rose, a girl that was secretly in love with the hero of mobius Sonic the hedgehog and a freedome fighter, hears accidently that everyone in the freedome fighter team...
♡ opinions on ships ♡  by shqdamy
♡ opinions on ships ♡ by M.
My personal opinion on sonic ships :)
The Illusion of Danger (Sonic Story) Season 1 by DJ_3592
The Illusion of Danger (Sonic Stor...by
Keep in mind that this is my first story so it the vocabulary and the whole story format will change over time so yeah that's a thing Now onto the actual description---\...
truth or dare (sonic edition) COMPELETE by Janafantasy333
truth or dare (sonic edition) COMP...by Janafantasy333
hi guys I'm Jana and this is my second book if you're interested in sonamy then you will enjoy my first book well it's not complete yet but anyways ENJOY
The Story of Amy Rose: The Capture by FallenVioletRosetta
The Story of Amy Rose: The Captureby FallenVioletRosetta
After separating herself from her friends, Amy Rose has become a matured, independent hedgehog of 17. But what madness will occur when a robot smashes through, asking fo...
Taiream: Shipwrecked by Jaredpool
Taiream: Shipwreckedby chaos
Tails gets shipwrecked on an island without the help of any resources. On this island, he meets Cream, who has been on the island shipwrecked for a long time, alone with...