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rylex: a true love story by millio2005
rylex: a true love storyby milzi
the sequel to the great alen book written on the 8.4.2019 be prepared, things are gunna get messy
Infinity  (H.S fan fiction) by tanikahomer
Infinity (H.S fan fiction)by tanikahomer
"Why do you wanna even talk to me?" " because I wanna get to know you.." "Why" "Your so mysterious and I like it"
Dominoes by PretentiousWaffle
Dominoesby RhythmA
"You often meet your fate on the path you take to avoid it." He needs space. She needs to live. They're both on the same journey, but for different reasons. B...
dorbyn by donahfan36
dorbynby Janiel and donah
this is about two boys there names are corbyn besson and daniel seavey they are both gay but corbyn dose not know now until one night in the hospital and that is whan th...
Life of a Luna werewolve by 1213BeloveBless
Life of a Luna werewolveby 1213BeloveBless
A girl finds out her boyfriend never liked her and dumps her. She leaves and does not know what shes getting into.
The Break in Magic by Cudleb
The Break in Magicby *Strawberry*
In the village of Teconda, one of five in the world, women are denied the right to use magic in their daily life. But all Tanika Ebersol yearns to do is become a tametre...
jonah marais and his girlfriend  by donahfan36
jonah marais and his girlfriend by Janiel and donah
this is about jonah Marias and his girlfriend Tanika besson they meet over at one of the impact tour in new York at the mall he was performing one of his songs when they...