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The Arrangement by Chauhan by remixthestory
The Arrangement by Chauhanby Arwa Qutubuddin
A cycle of falling in love, marrying, and falling out again leads to love. Because love is the endgame. __________ The Chauhan's are one of the most influential families...
Queen's Adviser by AgeregressionKitten
Queen's Adviserby Kitten is little
Elizabeth has been ruling her kingdom for 3 years now. She's gone through countless advisors in those 3 years. When she's finally ready to give up on finding herself one...
Mr Boo by soobamooba
Mr Booby Sooba Mooba
Complete fluff piece. A feel good story where in the aftermath of a failed terrorist escape plan, Simon 'Ghost' Riley finds the family that he has always wanted. Set aro...
Stray Kids Little Space Oneshots by papercrown_24
Stray Kids Little Space Oneshotsby papercrown_24
Stray Kids Little space. Stan Stray Kids you people. If you already have, *applause* Please do not add this to any smut reading lists. Little Space is not meant to be se...
Special? Fuck Off He's Autistic  by gallmilkovichagher
Special? Fuck Off He's Autistic by gallavich obsessed
this is what my brain made up ok. so it's mickey milkovich from shameless married to an autistic man named logan. Mickey is a 23 year old and logan is a 22 year old. lo...
The little prince  by Princess_Paris826
The little prince by 💚Choose Love💙
Louis is a unwanted homeless kid who has a heart made of stone. He doesn't give or accept love and doesn't care about anyone's feelings. What happens when a loving man b...
Her Bidder (Season 2)(✔) by rabia83279
Her Bidder (Season 2)(✔)by Rabia
"Do you know who I am?" He asked while giving her a death glare. The moment his eyes fell on her his heart skipped a beat, but he shrugged those thoughts away...
My Strict And Loving Mafia Brothers by zoned_out_world_UwU
My Strict And Loving Mafia Brothersby zoned out hooman
This is a story about two mafia brothers jungkook and taehyung who are loving but strict when needed and Their mischievous sister y/n... Their parents were killed by the...
BTS Littles (On Hold) by _midnight_monster_
BTS Littles (On Hold)by midnight
Best Awards: #1 - Favorites #1 - Tantrums #3 - vkookmin #1 - Playdates #1 - mildcussing A compilation of the maknae line as littles that the hyung line has to take care...
Road Trip With Mr. Annoying (In Editing ) by ChellybeanLovesFood
Road Trip With Mr. Annoying (In Ed...by Chellybean
I glared at Tony and held out my hand. "Give me my tampons" I hissed through gritted teeth. Tony smirked and held the package high above his head. "Come a...
A Family of Rivalry by tweekxcraiglvr
A Family of Rivalryby 🌟 Limited Edition🌟
Sibling Rivalry, I think everyone knows that word, and this family has that. So what if you mix a blocky Fangirl, a 4 year old spoiled brat, young brother who loves hip...
The void AU. (A beyond the ground AU) by Delta_Frog
The void AU. (A beyond the ground...by ✯Delta_Frog✯
The void AU is an AU about a cloud named "Cirrus" crying since 1991 due to his emotional memories of him and his unique creature friend "Unklee". Unk...
Ning Elma by wadonjowo123
Ning Elmaby WadonJowo123
"Ning Elma" -Aku orangnya childish, posesif, dan naif. emang nggak boleh?- *** "Ning" satu ini sangat berbeda dari kebanyakan anak kyai. Dia dikenal...
The Men Behind the Mask by rachelih
The Men Behind the Maskby rachelih
Tony is struggling with his little side... Steve is struggling to acclimate to the future...
Caught Red Handed by lauraruffuno
Caught Red Handedby lauraruffuno
Emily Potts is ten going on thirty. Waist length long blond hair she colored like a rainbow and wide blue eyes, scrawny and starving. Rather than spend any time with he...
Sparks of Inspiration: Short Stories by phoebegold123
Sparks of Inspiration: Short Stori...by Phoebe Gold
Short stories, big pictures. Excerpts for potential longer stories. Strange ideas. SOME ARE A LITTLE DARK!!! If you don't like one story, feel free to skip to the next o...
Arshi OS Series : Raizada Chronicles by ChaoticCalmnWind
Arshi OS Series : Raizada Chronicl...by Sonali
Arnav Khushi and their kid's moments.
my battlebots art by gay_kirimi
my battlebots artby Hypershock!
just the art i made with humanoid battlebots that i also posted on tumblr
Great Lengths for Gucci by Stephie_BLqueen20
Great Lengths for Gucciby Stephanie Morales
At the peak of their success, they still have a budget. Yet Tae wants Gucci, and he will get it no matter what. He steals some clothing from the gucci store and gets pun...
Keyring Rattles by wilt3d_r0zes
Keyring Rattlesby wilt3d_r0zes
Stiles regresses in class and freaks out, his understimulated little brain locks onto the idea of getting Lydia's keys and won't settle until he's rattling them. or, I s...