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The Big Love Theory (A Big Bang Theory Fanfic) by Destiny-Celeste
The Big Love Theory (A Big Bang Th...by AwkwardMusician
When Howard's childhood friend and Leonard's Ex from high school gets a job at Cal Tech, Leonard invites her to stay with him. At first Leonard hopes to win back her hea...
Sheldon's Theory by Sheldoncooperfan
Sheldon's Theoryby Sheldon Cooper
Sheldon Cooper is one of the weirdest men you will know. After a relationship with Amy Farrah Fowler that didn't last long, he believes that all women are terrible and w...
Best of both worlds (a Big Bang theory fanfic) by crazyweirdgeek
Best of both worlds (a Big Bang th...by Rhino
IN PROGRESS what happens when our beloved characters, Sheldon, Raj, Howard, Leonard, Penny, Amy and Bernadette let a newcomer join their group? Will the fashion forward...
Georgie Cooper x reader (YS episodes)  by RamSpatula
Georgie Cooper x reader (YS episod...by Ram
Georgie Cooper Jr x reader Every Chapter is an episode of young Sheldon.
Seeing You Again || Georgie Cooper (completed) by timpani411
Seeing You Again || Georgie Cooper...by Marie Cousins
The year is 2018. Sheldon Cooper is about to take a step in his life he never thought he would take. He is getting married, to Amy Farrah-Fowler. Marie Cousins lives in...
MaJim One Shots by majimfanfics
MaJim One Shotsby Jim and Mayim Fan Fictions
Random romantic, fluffy, sexy and adorable one shots about Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik.
Big Bang Theory : The Twins by BigBangTheory143
Big Bang Theory : The Twinsby Hailey Potter
Ariana and Penny have been bestfriends since birth. they are twin sisters. just updated 16 episode . Ariana' roller coaster ride has just started . 1# in TBBT
The Big Love Theory Fanfiction by Tardisgirl101
The Big Love Theory Fanfictionby Sierra Foster
Author's Note: Hi, Everyone. I'm Tardisgirl101 and I am not only a Doctor Who fan, I'm also a TBBT fan. I want to make a fanfiction since I love the show. I want to make...
The Big Bang Baby [The Big Bang Theory] by SulizeTerreblanche
The Big Bang Baby [The Big Bang Th...by Sulize Terreblanche
Halley Wolowitz is an all-grown-up now. In high school with an eye for design. Her best friend she has known all her life suddenly goes through puberty, and her feelings...
My Dream Girl [MAJIM Fan Fic SERIES] by majimfanfics
My Dream Girl [MAJIM Fan Fic SERIE...by Jim and Mayim Fan Fictions
Jim, a poor and simple employee, struggles from getting hurt as he falls for the rich, hot and beautiful, Mayim, whom he can only have as his girlfriend in his dreams fo...
Doctor Vs Doctor [Mature MaJim Fan Fic] by majimfanfics
Doctor Vs Doctor [Mature MaJim Fan...by Jim and Mayim Fan Fictions
Jim works as a veteran urologist while Mayim works as a well known gynecologist in the same hospital. With the related fields and varying specialization, it was inevitab...
Shamy One Shots by pepper2235
Shamy One Shotsby pepper2235
I've noticed there are not a lot of Shamy one shots and I've come up with a few so here it goes.
New York mystery by dellyjelly44444
New York mysteryby dellyjelly44444
Jim has to leave after his marriage to Mayim and there maybe surprises in the future!!
Help me help you by anonymouswriter27_
Help me help youby anonymouswriter27_
As Sheldon sees someone he never thought he will see, a therapist.Dr Fowler is expected to help him but it isn't that easy because they have a history as well as secrets...
The Nerd and the Heartbreaker [MaJim Fan Fic] by majimfanfics
The Nerd and the Heartbreaker [MaJ...by Jim and Mayim Fan Fictions
Mayim's mother died upon giving birth to her and it made her drunkard father loathe her despite that she was their only child. Mayim strives hard for a living and at wor...
Why am I Crazy about You? (Completed) by calibri_library
Why am I Crazy about You? (Complet...by Calibri
A Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik Fan Fic (Completed) Serious, sophisticated, sweet, kind, gorgeous young fella who have certainly never fallen for someone in his 30 years...
[OLD FIC] (DISCONTINUED) Sheldon Cooper x Reader .:The Love Theorem:. by NuNuPlez
[OLD FIC] (DISCONTINUED) Sheldon C...by Trash
Please read final chapter. This story has been discontinued. Sooooo I searched up Sheldon x Reader Fanfics and there was only one with a girl writing her name in the spo...
The Accidental Love [MaJim Fan Fic Series] by majimfanfics
The Accidental Love [MaJim Fan Fic...by Jim and Mayim Fan Fictions
Parsons and Bialik family arranges their only children's marriage fixing Mayim and Jim's marriage whether they like it or not in order to preserve their families' invest...
Shamy: Long Time No See [DISCONTINUED] by RandomPhangirl101
Shamy: Long Time No See [DISCONTIN...by MinMeowMeow
What happens when something causes these two lovebirds to drift away and never see eachothr for 5 years? Feelings collide and tears are shed , misunderstood feelings an...