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Pokemon: Kalos  Academy by SQUISHYZ2
Pokemon: Kalos Academyby SQUISHYZ2
Ash is a loser in his school. He is bullied and never fights back or battles. But there is a reason as to why he doesn't battle or fight back. In reality, he is a Pokemo...
Remember? -A Pokémon Story- by triangularjuice
Remember? -A Pokémon Story-by triangularjuice
Your name? (Y/N) Sycamore. The problem? You don't know this. As the 14-year-old daughter of Pokémon Professor Augustine Sycamore, himself, life was pretty good. That is...
Sensation (Pokemon x KRW) by 1987shredder
Sensation (Pokemon x KRW)by Shotaro. H
After losing the Kalos League by the hands of Alain Sycamore along with his Mega Charizard, Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town in Kanto region was quite devastated of the Kalo...
Pokemon XY/XYZ X Male reader by Bakedust8
Pokemon XY/XYZ X Male readerby Bakedust8
Y/N L/N is a 11 years old boy and now is the time to go and get his first Kalos pokemon. Even though he already got a team of six from when you were in Kanto for profess...
Pokemon: The Lost Quest by violetflame90
Pokemon: The Lost Questby yingyang90
Meowth has been separated from Jessie and James in the Kalos region and is looking to rejoin them. Lost and alone Meowth must search for his friends with the help of Ash...
A Special Kind Of Love?  by Ironfistelite
A Special Kind Of Love? by Sadaan Hasan
This is a story in which Ash is a loner, who is bullied by everyone. Ash is always made fun of because he never battles, everyone calls him a freak. But why doesn't he...
Pokemon XY&Z: Journey of Bonds by Daggett19
Pokemon XY&Z: Journey of Bondsby Daggett19
Since the beginning of time, people and Pokemon have lived in peace in harmony coexisting with one another for years. The Legendary and Mythical Pokemon had watch over t...
Amourshipping : Dimensional Distortion by Ryoto58
Amourshipping : Dimensional Ryoto58
In this story before Ash's 8th gym match serena and clemont leave the group! But why, you may ask......why do they leave bonnie and ash alone on the journey?? (Well I me...
Crossfire by Coral_G_Swizzle
Crossfireby Jordyn
{Pokemon XY&Z & Alan fanfic} {5th Place in the 2017 Pokémon Watty Awards Romance Category} "He'd trade his guns for love. But he's caught in the crossfire." &q...
Pokemon XYZ: A Greninja's Adventure (Greninja x OC Greninja) by SinfullyDeviant
Pokemon XYZ: A Greninja's Deviant
This is based on Pokemon XYZ, although it won't exactly follow the show. This story will go through the show at some point. I do not own pokemon, I only own my OC.
Like a Boss [Pokemon Fanfic, 2015 PKMNWatties] by eri_quin
Like a Boss [Pokemon Fanfic, Eri Quin
After a Research and Development experiment accident, Giovanni gets de-aged and more doors are opened for him. And yet the first thing he chooses to do is harass Ash Ket...
Pokemon Journeys: The Journey Continues! [Being Rewritten] by Atr3mis_Olympian
Pokemon Journeys: The Journey Satoshi Ketchum
Pokemon Journeys, a regular pokemon season with new twists i.e no gyms, returning characters etc. This story will be taking place post events of episode 35, moreover, I...
- Blessed by Divinity - by arjun_snm
- Blessed by Divinity -by ARTIST
A young prodigious trainer sets out in the hopes of reaching the stars. One day, he has a fateful encounter with his soon to be lifelong partner. But the journey isn't a...
The Boy Who Saves The World by Lord_shipper_186
The Boy Who Saves The Worldby Hyun_Cha
Our hero Ash is returning from a journey through Kalos. As Ash makes it home he gets a surprise. Is it a good kind or a bad kind. He is then told that he has to save the...
Pokemon team bad guys x reader Oneshot (Requests Open) by drussell12
Pokemon team bad guys x reader drussell12
Even bad guys deserve some love. Also no lemon or lime, only fluff. Im also including team dim sun.
Find My Place by JaninneSudjatmiko
Find My Placeby Janinne Sudjatmiko
Ash was beaten by Alain in the Kalos League. When he returned to Pallet Town, He had a bad homecoming. His friends betrayed him, and he knew that he wasn't belong there...
A Long Time Away From Home ~ An Amourshipping Story by TheMightyZoroark
A Long Time Away From Home ~ An Zorro
After beating Alain in the Kalos League Finals, Team Flare abduct Ash and his Pokémon. Leaving everyone clueless, his friends and family are distraught. So they search h...
Betrayal hurts ( An Ash betrayal story ) by WarriorCatsForever_9
Betrayal hurts ( An Ash betrayal Exams are overrrrrrr!!!!
Ash returns home from Cerise Lab for vacation only to be betrayed by his Pokémon and friends. He escapes with his Pokémon which remained loyal to him but in doing so, he...
New life by RebekahGonsalves
New lifeby Evie Grace
Evie Ketchem is Ash's twin sister. On their birthday she runs away to meet her father Giovanni and find her older brother Silver. But what happens when Evie finds out ab...
Ash Ketchum an Orphan, the son of late Kanto Champion Red Ketchum and Late Kanto Empress Yellow Ketchum, is a cold person and the Champion of the Kanto-Jhoto Region. But...