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Bury The Light (Male Faunus!Vergil!Reader x Pyrrha Nikos) by Elyion22
Bury The Light (Male Faunus! MAJIMA KENSETSU
(title says it all!) Disclaimer:I don't own anything here!
Join the cast of RWBY as they all react to the Multiverse
RWBY watches Overlord by Side-Man
RWBY watches Overlordby Side-Man
My first RWBY multiverse story. This one will be what would happen if Jaune Arc, Beacon's own nerd/dead-last/faker/etc, becomes the ruler of Nazarick. Enjoy.
The Life of a Wizard by Side-Man
The Life of a Wizardby Side-Man
I drank too much and woke up in the body of a headmaster to a fictional school in a fictional world. Filled with kids with weapons bigger than themselves and people who...
A Koopa in Remnant by PangoroGrunt
A Koopa in Remnantby PangoroGrunt
Thanks to a plan gone wrong, the entire kingdom of Darkland had been transported to the world of Remnant. What does that mean? Two things. One, Bowser could go on a gran...
The Golden King (Adopted!Gilgamesh Male Reader x Yang Xiao Long) by Elyion22
The Golden King (Adopted! MAJIMA KENSETSU
The title says it all. (Disclaimer:I don't own Fate or RWBY!)
RWBY: The Duelist Experience by Akaninger39
RWBY: The Duelist Experienceby Akaninger39
It is summer vacation for beacon academy, and for Team RWBY and Team JNPR.....they are bored. That is until a mysterious message appeared on Ruby scroll, offering her an...
Marines in Remnant (US Marines x RWBY Crossover) by ussamerica2018
Marines in Remnant (US Marines x AlphaHELLCAT279
What Happens when 4 US Marines from different conflicts are thrown together into a new world and they have to fight together to stay alive. by the way I do not own RWBY...
RWBY: Heroes of the Omniverse by EmperorJirachi
RWBY: Heroes of the Omniverseby EmperorJirachi
During Beacon's Initiation, Jaune stumbles upon a watch that grants him power beyond his dreams while throwing his life into chaos. Now Jaune, Ruby, and their friends mu...
Betrayed arc by DJMM15
Betrayed arcby Masked writer
Cardin the(A/N:F*****king asshole that should have died the first time he appeared)decided to Expose Jaune of his fake transcript after doing that all the people he ones...
The Saiyan Professor: Male reader x RWBY by 8_Bit_Bastard
The Saiyan Professor: Male 8Bit Bastard
You are Y/N L/N A Saiyan born on a spacecraft and then left to die on an Unknown Planet, You were found and raised by Ozpin before setting out on your own, You joined Be...
An Assassin's Rose: Remnant by Egyptiandragon
An Assassin's Rose: Remnantby Egyptiandragon
After unlocking his semblance, it was decided that Damian would be sent to Remnant in order to control his new found abilities but during a night out gathering supplies...
Fallen Rose (RWBY Fanfic Book 2) by Fausty_Wrxtxng
Fallen Rose (RWBY Fanfic Book 2)by No Longer Active
"And now... Nothing will stop us" Cinder grinned. "Let this be the start of a new revolution for mankind". Beacon has now fallen along with Vale into...
WLW RWBY one-shots by alvinandthefanfics
WLW RWBY one-shotsby mediocre
Cover drawn by koyoriin on Tumblr
Remant: Journey Mode by BBAIsTaken
Remant: Journey Modeby BBA
When a portal transports the Terrarian into the world of Remnant, more entities soon follow after. Will someone with the powers of a god be able to save Remnant? Or will...
RWBY cast react to Rose-verse by GenderPlasma
RWBY cast react to Rose-verseby GenderPlasma
RWBY characters from volume 4 react to different alternative universes featuring our beloved red rose leader, RUBY!! Both the bad and good sides of the cast are forced t...
Lost and Found ( a rwby fanfic/ ruby and yang's little sister) by AppleSmallGreen
Lost and Found ( a rwby fanfic/ AppleSmallGreen
Sangria Rose daughter of Summer Rose and Taiyang Xiao Long and youngest sister of Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long. When Ruby was 8 and Yang was at the age of 10 going to Si...
Curiosity Killed The Cat :Blakes Brother Male Reader x RWBY by 8_Bit_Bastard
Curiosity Killed The Cat :Blakes 8Bit Bastard
Y/N Belladonna, Once a young and hopeful boy now turned to a Lonely teen fighting to secure a future.
Bloody Evolution by datasoong25
Bloody Evolutionby Theodore.e.Ronsten
After crashing into the planet you now know as remnant you quickly realise that you are stuck here forever with your friend. Choosing to settle down in the school known...
Depressing RWBY One Shots by annabelladonna14
Depressing RWBY One Shotsby Annabel
We were discussing RWBY one night when Nicole came up with a bunch of depressing and weird alternate endings for RWBY characters. Here are the best one-shots we have.