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Johnny Depp smut 😗 by babybillye
Johnny Depp smut 😗by babybillye
Imagines about Johnny Depp and some other characters he has played 🤍 Ps. some of the stories I write myself and some I don't Thank you
Shameless Smut by lexiconengineer
Shameless Smutby Lexicon Engineer
WEEKLY UPDATES Shameless and lustful crush smut meets sophisticated NSFW workplace smut. One shots!
Falling in love (TsukishimaXReader) by happyizu
Falling in love (TsukishimaXReader)by matt
"See ya shorty". That what your salty friend said. A story about 2 (dumb) friends developing feelings for each other. The thing is they don't not know that y...
A Bus That Runs On Pee by Jefferythekillerfp
A Bus That Runs On Peeby Jeffery Allen Woods
Nick was an employee of "EcoExpress" - a modern, eco friendly and cost effective public transport service. Thier fleet of buses operated solely on the contents...
inflating like a balloon by hgfdjj
inflating like a balloonby hgfdjj
When Hanna gets a job working at the High Lounge Bar, she immediately notices she is out of place. All the other waitresses are perfect and gorgeous while she is a bit o...
! scenes by chailatte01
! scenesby chailatte01
not really sure what this is other than an explicit sm*t i felt like writing. it's nonspecific in features and names, so make it your own with a self insert or character...
Sip it Again, Kitten ㅣYoonKook by koyanoona
Sip it Again, Kitten ㅣYoonKookby koyanoona
Oxycodone. The wondrous sex drug. Become flushed with euphoria and grow a slave to the feeling of pleasure. End up begging for more. Nothing but a sex toy, darling Min Y...
Water park fun~ by imamicrowave
Water park fun~by Kai<3
This is a little story about me and my boyfriend. We are at a waterpark and sitting in the lazy river. He was started carrying me and got hard. We soon got into It. Cont...
Marvel one shots.  by 1chaosprincess1
Marvel one shots. by Nobody special
..... one shots of all sorts Request are open please do request. I will do almost anything I love to write.
Living with Brothers by soccer3456
Living with Brothersby soccer3456
Emily Kingston is a 14 year old girl that has it all. The wealth, popularity, friends, and maybe even the guy. What's the catch? 5 older brothers that were sent on this...
I sit next to him in math. by Layla3363
I sit next to him in math.by Layla3363
Axel is partnered with his most hated enemy.... Nick hart. Nick is a popular shit bag. You might be thinking "gets all the girls player blah blah pro athlete."...
Runaway Bride (Editing) by strength0629
Runaway Bride (Editing)by Chantal Fredette
The night before the wedding Derrick spoke to his fiancé over the phone. They said how much they loved each other and that they would meet at the alter the next day. B...
Missing-Nin Naruto Namikaze by Shi_Kira
Missing-Nin Naruto Namikazeby Shi_Kira
After the Pein Attack, Naruto is sentenced to death. Watch as Naruto becomes a missing ninja and still fight for world peace. But will he have to fight against those he...
Wow, She's Hot » han by may_bornmia
Wow, She's Hot » hanby chan's bathrobe
[Sugar series Book 2] "Please! Stray Kids are my ults. I would know it if Han Jisung was talking to me." "PEAK CLOWNERY." ~~~~~ After introducing C...
The Maniac. [Mafia Rom-Com] by UshbaAnsari
The Maniac. [Mafia Rom-Com]by Ushba Ansari👑
• Book II in the Mafia Rom-Com series. • "You are a useless piece of skin on a dick!" I yelled earning an amused smirk from the green-eyed pig. And that damn s...
Adopted || #1 by sleepingfor100years
Adopted || #1by becca
||Book 1 In Adopted Series|| Adopted by a family where I have 9 older brothers might be good, right? Wrong. You don't get any privacy, there is constantly someone in the...
Me of Tomorrow by ryderiswalking
Me of Tomorrowby Ryder Xanders
Elliot Price lives in a studio apartment downtown, an hour walk away from the bustling city. He's barely able to pay the rent and provide food on his small, multipurpose...
Being the Little Sister by Roseviva-
Being the Little Sisterby Roseviva
Lara Wilson is just about to start her first year of high school at the well-known music school in town. But thankfully, she won't be alone. She will have her four older...
Alec Lightwood Fanfic  by PeculiarPeregrine13
Alec Lightwood Fanfic by PeculiarPeregrine
Alec Lightwood fanfic with my own character Elle May. Alec is straight in this story. Includes Jace, Clary, Izzy Simon etc
Reincarnated In Another World With My Systematic Phone [Hiatus] by Zerin_Lee
Reincarnated In Another World With...by Zerin_Lee
You might have heard the anime 'In another world with my Smart Phone'. You've come to the wrong place. This is A story of me dying and living another life. Call it rein...