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Prank Call (Johnlock) by Wholockedjohnout
Prank Call (Johnlock)by wholockedphanout
Johnlock/teenlock/messages fanfiction.
Intrigue Me | Johnlock Teenlock by Euphoria_Sam
Intrigue Me | Johnlock Teenlockby Euphoria_Sam
What will happen when John becomes Sherlock's college roommate? *Johnlock teenlock au* Highest rankings: #1 in Sherlock #1 in Johnlock #1 in Teenlock #1 in JohnxSherloc...
texts//teenlock by 221bgaykerstreet
texts//teenlockby honking heck
johnnyboy is typing.... johnnyboy: hey:)
The Johnlock Book of One Shots by SonicDreamer
The Johnlock Book of One Shotsby Una Moriarty
Just a bunch of little Johnlock fluffys put into one! The occasional smutty(ish(hinting)) thing may come along here and there, but nothing much more! I like to stick to...
The Boy in the Treehouse by Ellie2M
The Boy in the Treehouseby EllieM's_Hedgehog
Johnlock Teen!lock story In which Sherlock and John are a pair of naughty, flirty and funny teenage boys. A funny twist in the characters! WARNING: LOTS OF FLUFF!! (And...
Winter Breaks (Johnlock/Teenlock) by TheLivingFacepalm
Winter Breaks (Johnlock/Teenlock)by moving to ao3
When John moves into a new town, he doesn't expect much important to happen. Just a new town for him to almost immediately move away from. But when he almost immediately...
I surrender by stupidlyinactive
I surrenderby stupidlyinactive
Teen!lock AU. Sherlock is a lonely boy, unloved by family. After traveling to a new school he becomes unexpected friends with another young boy. Will the friendship blo...
Johnlock Oneshots by mostlymal
Johnlock Oneshotsby Mostly Mal
Johnlock oneshots, alternative universes, and songfics. [COMPLETED]
Love is a Much More Vicious Motivator (Teenlock AU) by DoesntMakeYouAGenius
Love is a Much More Vicious Motiva...by DoesntMakeYouAGenius
Sherlock and John start school at Lauriston Gardens boarding school together, and before long a female student is found dead. Sherlock takes it upon himself to solve her...
A Chance To Stay Alive - Johnlock by Tobyisnotonfire
A Chance To Stay Alive - Johnlockby Toby
Sherlock Holmes was dying. His body slowly beginning to break down. ... John Watson was an aspiring writer, but with a dark past. ... "It's always...
Waiter in a suit - A Johnlock by xMaaaayx
Waiter in a suit - A Johnlockby May
John Watson thirty-two years old wasted his entire life with failing dates with women. Until someone simply told him that he was gay. A Johnlock fanfiction ~ Johnlock ~...
Johnlock Oneshots by 221bgaykerstreet
Johnlock Oneshotsby honking heck
heyo. johnlock shit here. some smut fluff and a little bit of angsts and some smut here and there. (there's a second book btw once you finish this an if you want to rea...
Sherlock Imagines and Preferences 2 by Just_A_Sherlockian
Sherlock Imagines and Preferences 2by Just_A_Sherlockian
Hi, reader! I'm glad you've stumbled upon my book. You will find plenty of Sherlock x Reader imagines in here, but I also write imagines/preferences with other BBC Sherl...
Deduce Me by eyesfilledwithstars
Deduce Meby Han(nah)
A BBC Sherlock fan fiction *Teenlock* *Johnlock* *a bit of Mystrade* Welcome to Baker Street Secondary... Are you in the mood to read an EXTRAORDINARILY long teenlock...
Think about me - A Johnlock fanfiction by xMaaaayx
Think about me - A Johnlock fanfic...by May
John sees that something is wrong with Sherlock. - Avoiding John - Ignoring texts - Decling incoming calls - Acting strange - New flat mate John wanted to find out the r...
Soulmates // Johnlock by BlindBirdy
Soulmates // Johnlockby BlindBirdy
-Johnlock Fanfic- 🍩-What if in an alternate reality people have visual signs of soulmates identity? Names written on their wrists? 🍪-And what if William Sherlock Scott...
Soulmate Au but it's Johnlock! (UNDER HEAVY EDITING- 10/19/2020) by Reamond_nuudles
Soulmate Au but it's Johnlock! (UN...by R. Nuudles
The world has a funny way of putting two people together. Well, it's even stranger when everyone is born with different hints to finding their soulmate and staying with...
Getting Through (Teen!lock) by missdeathfrisbee
Getting Through (Teen!lock)by Viv
When John first arrives at his new boarding school, he was expecting a normal room mate. God, he was wrong. Sherlock may be far from normal, but this only attracts Joh...
Stand By You by citrusfreak
Stand By Youby ._clueingfor_.
John has always been there for Sherlock, even if it gets weird. Welcome to my book. Contains spanking, cuddles, Johnlock, and little moments when in life when you need...
COLOUR - Teenlock/johnlock by can_u_not_tho
COLOUR - Teenlock/johnlockby The Johnlock Shipper
Fluffy teenlock set in a world where you only see in colour when you find your soulmate. The idea for this was from tumblr. Don't worry it's not the hat fic.