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💛violent love🖤 by SATOSHI-16
💛violent love🖤by SATOSHI-16
storyfell chara x male reader
The First Human [X Sans] {COMPLETE} by RaeTheStar
The First Human [X Sans] {COMPLETE}by RaeTheStar
Imagine Undertale, but Chara never showed up. Chara wasn't the first human in the Underground. What if a glitch occurred, and you fell down instead? You fell into the Un...
Knock Knock {A Sans X Reader - Undertale} by LittleFluffyAlpaca
Knock Knock {A Sans X Reader - Und...by Cuddles the Alpaca
You were always a curious child. One day, your curiosity took you too far. You lived not to far from a mountain, MT. Ebott, and always wanted to see what was on the top...
Storyshift Chara x male reader 18+ (discontinued) by Todoroki_Writes
Storyshift Chara x male reader 18+...by Shoto
This is my first story please don't hate 0w0
Random X reader one shots!! by og_mason_cipher_oni
Random X reader one shots!!by Jill Cipher
Just a collection of one shots! Requests are CLOSED! It'll include any fandom or any character! Also boy x boy and girl x girl if requested! -Gravity Falls -Voltron -Bl...
Undertale Boyfriend/Girlfriend Scenarios! by Maggot4layp
Undertale Boyfriend/Girlfriend Sce...by Maggot4layp
Its on the title ;) ** Feel free to request a scenario Reading this story happily and Voting this story , fills me with DETERMINATION P.s Character Requests were close...
Northern Downpour (Underfell Sans x Reader) by CarryOnWaywardPie
Northern Downpour (Underfell Sans...by Claire
(Y/n) goes to Mt. Ebbot in search of her brother Frisk. But what she finds instead amazes her.
'Being A Pet All Over Again' Underfell Sans X Reader 'Book 2' [SLOW UPDATES] by sentifrost
'Being A Pet All Over Again' Under...by finch
[Disclaimer that this book is very old nd poorly written, please keep that in mind!] Sequel to 'Shy Pet' so if you haven't read that, I suggest you do! After Y/n had die...
(Discontinued.) HEROES OF DETERMINATION (BNHA X Undertale) by Spaghetti_Sensei
discontinued. Frisk and the group wake up to find themselves in a different dimension. They soon find out that this is a world with Quirks, and they have to fit in. Firs...
Becoming sans from Floratale by Snowydraco
Becoming sans from Florataleby CorvusNix
"Darkness that's all I could see and then there was light, A beautiful kind of light no it wasn't beautiful it was so much more..." ...
My opinion on undertale ships by boredguy10
My opinion on undertale shipsby A Bored Guy
Title says it m8 and you can trust me with nothing to do Btw i own none of these pictures i cant draw s4s Also previously rated #4 in opinions #1 in Burgerpants
The Fewest Words (Flowey X Temmie) Undertale Fanfiction by GreyExists
The Fewest Words (Flowey X Temmie)...by GreyExists
Temmie is a outgoing Monster from Temmie Village in the Waterfall. Flowey is an evil, soulless monster who lives in the ruins. But all he needed was a lover to make his...
Mistrust (Glitchtale Fanfiction) by Rapidrush
Mistrust (Glitchtale Fanfiction)by Q12X
This is a story of a glitchtale AU (Alternate Universe) of how betty becomes friendly but also to this happening there is another problem with that, and you'll find out...
Save by charisktrash
Saveby I'm gay, cunt
Underfell Charisk AU - Going through the plots. Frisk had fallen to the Underground to escape their family and the horrible life they endured. Wanting to end it all, the...
My Opinions on Undertale Ships  by _KidCatFangirl_
My Opinions on Undertale Ships by Kid Cat Is My Son
I just wanted to share my opinion on Undertale Ships with you guys, so here they are! It's okay if you don't agree, not everyone has to like what the other person does...
A Tree, For Us (Sans X Reader) by TheAbandonedQuiche
A Tree, For Us (Sans X Reader)by TheAbandonedQuiche
CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM BOTH PACIFIST AND GENOCIDE RUNS After a horrible situation, I (Y/N) scaped from home to avenge my (sibling). In a failed attempt, I got lost and f...
Undertale X Readers by FlabberGastered
Undertale X Readersby Trash
Undertale X Readers!! Feel free to request characters and I'll attempt to make a story with them.
Ask Deltarune  by darkkris2020
Ask Deltarune by Thalia Rose
Ask any Deltarune character anything. You can ask about crushes or friends or class or anything. Ask away!
Doki Doki Literature Club/Undertale Crossover by anxious_onion
Doki Doki Literature Club/Undertal...by anxious_onion
When an error appears in the code of Doki Doki Literature Club, the club members spiral into Undertale, and learn about the ways of this strange new game. This is one o...
Underswap|When She Cries [BOOK 4] by Flamogedeon
Underswap|When She Cries [BOOK 4]by Flamo.
An Underswap Fanfiction. ×♪× This was it. The end. But why does it seem like someone was pulling you back from doing so? That you were meant to live? When you've finall...