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Discovery (Tensei Shitara x Inheritance Cycle Crossover) by MankingJr
Discovery (Tensei Shitara x Inheri...by MankingJr
I had this festering inside my head for a good while so here. This takes place about 500 years after EOS Tensei Shitara and about 1 month after EOS Inheritance. The Tens...
Older Bro Bakugou by semereaderstuff
Older Bro Bakugouby Rᴇᴍɪ
- Pro Hero Dom!Trans!Reader (FtM) - "What if Katsuki had an older brother instead of a twin?" Somewhat related to my other book "He's my Brother" and...
Technoblade in Tensura by RandomNon3859
Technoblade in Tensuraby Random Non 3859
He had done it. But at what cost? Techno spent an eternity in an empty conscience, hearing voices and reflecting on his past. He had found a way to give the voices free...
Return of the tempest by DefinitelynotCiel
Return of the tempestby DefinitelyCiel
Inside the Ruins Castle, The Great Jura forest Became bigger than before. No one dared to step foot inside or dare to claim the great Jura forest for 2000 years. The Tem...
rimuru back to earth by tChannel5
rimuru back to earthby dt_tempest
i will not update this fanfic regularly because of school English is not my main language so please feel free to fix any spelling mistake in the fanfic :) This is just a...
BL Novel Recommendations 60+ 《Ongoing》 by ShizunLi
BL Novel Recommendations 60+ 《Ongo...by Shizun
BL Novel Recommendations 《BL = Boys Love = boyxboy & manxman relationship = Shonen ai = Yaoi = Danmei》 《These BL Novels are not available here in Wattpad...
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Rimuru: A Second Chance that Won't Be Wasted by DragoLuck12
Rimuru: A Second Chance that Won't...by Rosh Fang
He lost everything. His friends, his family. Then, he had a chance to restart his life, and protect his loved ones. But how will he do it? What events will he have to wi...
Perfect combination | tensura slime by Adsixi
Perfect combination | tensura slimeby adi
a red primordial, a demon Lord. Named Guy Crimson the 3rd strongest in the world fell in love with someone and it's a hero.. a hero, Rimuru O'bell sister of Chloe O'bell...
Reincarnated In The Anime world by Hakai_No_Tenshi
Reincarnated In The Anime worldby Hakai_No_Tenshi
Abyss who was like he says born in the wrong world died after he tried to save someone and so God gave him his wish and isekai's him into the world of highschool dxd(and...
Rimuru After Evolve Into True Deity by hrahul_007
Rimuru After Evolve Into True Deityby HRahul
Rimuru Tempest is the Strongest Fighter in the tensei slime universe at the end of the series! Rimuru evloed into true god . he deicde take nap for few thousand year. I...
Carnage Deku by Peacestalkers
Carnage Dekuby Karma the Nightwing
Deku has died, and now his quirk is manifesting. Alongside the psychopath that is Toga can he somehow stop his life from spinning out of control? Of course not, better q...
World Sacrifice (Reincarnation/BL) by rein_sky877
World Sacrifice (Reincarnation/BL)by Rein
Reincarnated as the secret capture target, I decided to live my life on the sideline as I watch the Otome game events happen but it seems the god is up to something else...
Knowing the Unknown (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime) by PHYLaXER
Knowing the Unknown (That Time I G...by Argus Predator
when rimuru is signing his paperworks for 500 years of torture, he suddenly got an idea of how to cure his boredom. to travel to another world! but after many years of t...
Rimuru's Advisor and Veldora's Wife by BlackStar-Stella
Rimuru's Advisor and Veldora's Wifeby BlackStar-Stella
After Rimuru stumbled over the Storm Dragon Veldora, he got introduced to the dragon's wife Amaryllis who lingered in the cave along with him. Veldora requests Rimuru to...
That time I got reincarnated as a prophet (A second chance) by LurvegyTempest
That time I got reincarnated as a...by Levurgy
Kira Diel lived a happy life as a successful author, but died prematurely. Now, reincarnated as a prophet, what awaits her? "....Yeah. I'm incapable of feeling gui...
"A New Beginning"|| That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime || Fanfic by G-Light
"A New Beginning"|| That Time I Go...by ❁テるダヨ❁
{DISCONTINUED} "Unsatisfactory can lead to perilous circumstances..." (Y/n) (L/n) was an ordinary girl who just graduated from her college years, which led her...
Dreadful Tempest by RenBowLTE
Dreadful Tempestby Chiharu
What if our beloved rimuru-sama visits the world of cultivation? the world where strength dictates everything!
Harry Potter and the Supreme Deity [dropped and up for adoption] by EggplantEggo
Harry Potter and the Supreme Deity...by
As Dumbledore's plan to give Harry to the Dursleys is carried out, Rimuru Tempest informs the wizards about his plan to watch over the boy. Little do they know, Rimuru's...
I've Been Reincarnated As A Dragon's Child by AithusaLockheart
I've Been Reincarnated As A Dragon...by Aithusa Lockheart
Fujisaki Ai had died in her 15th birthday after 10 years suffered from illness. An archangel, Mallim took pity of her since she saved him before. Upon pleading to God, M...
Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Ch.104-200+ by SleepyN0tFound
Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Ch...by Sleepy
I won't summarize the whole story since the story is pretty much long as hell but i well tell you that this is the era/part where Rimuru will be fighting with the Main A...