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Danger Girl (BTS x Reader x Got7) by jammygurls
Danger Girl (BTS x Reader x Got7)by Jammy
DISCOUNTED Started: May 5, 2018 DISCOUNTED: November 19, 2018
Angels of Death x Reader (Oneshots and Scenarios) by lil_sadieee
Angels of Death x Reader (Oneshots...by sadie
X Reader oneshots and scenarios for the RPG/Anime/Manga Angles of death or Satsuriku no Tenshi. Requests are closed! Try to avoid lemons because I may or may not do them!
Black and White by Primsgirl89
Black and Whiteby Savannah Burroughs
DISCONTINUED Zack was sent to the Nanba prison, where he is sent to building thirteen in the only other empty cell being next to cell thirteen. Guards hesitate to get ne...
Someone Unique (Zack x Reader)  by Musicwolf666
Someone Unique (Zack x Reader) by Musicwolf666
Crystal Gardner the older to Rachel Gardner. Both are within the walls of this place where both the sisters and Isaac "Zack" Foster try to escape. What they do...
Daniel 'danny' dickens x reader by Cecilie_vpp
Daniel 'danny' dickens x readerby Cecilie pedersen
hi guys. theres not so many Danny stories so i decidet to make this. PS. i dont own angels of death so some things might be a little off so dont come at me. oh well i ho...
Angels And Demons In Another Dimension by KimiNoAniki
Angels And Demons In Another Dimen...by Kasugano Haruka
Kishi Aome lives in a Future Earth where the technology of humans surpassed the known limits due to an alien race that called themselves Tenshi. However, after 7 years...
Sparking Charms⚡ Iku Nagae x MaleReader Outsider by KogasaWhee
Sparking Charms⚡ Iku Nagae x MaleR...by Spooky
You fell asleep one night in your bed, but woke up one day and met a small blue haired angel? what could possibly happen with this friendship?
Next Generation's Fun- Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood by cuteziesforever
Next Generation's Fun- Fullmetal A...by ~♡Luna♡~
Falling in love and dealing with the love are two very different things... All our favorite Fullmetal Alchemist ships are canon! But now... what to do with the kids? Whe...
Daikiisbae by foeokfkskkdd
Daikiisbaeby vvvvccccwedd
The first thing Aomine asked was "Oi, Kagami, do you have wifi?" As he entered the premises of the Kagami residence.
A Day In Gensokyo by thisisaeong
A Day In Gensokyoby aeongbread
#9 in "Reimu" Many things happen in Gensokyo. Good things, bad things, weird things, and exciting things too! Reimu, Alice, Yuuka, Flandre, Tenshi, Shinmyomaru...
Diabolik Lovers: Three Eves by BloomingFanfic
Diabolik Lovers: Three Evesby Blooming
(Diabolik Lovers Fanfiction) Special Collab. with Hiroshi Kirigaya! This is NOT discontinued! Instead of one Eve, can there be three? Two tenshis come across the line o...
Angel Beats! A Step Closer by Xenien_Fanfic
Angel Beats! A Step Closerby Xenien_Fanfic
When you can't defeat an obstacle, do you repeat the same solution over and over again? Or do you find a different solution? When they decide to repeat history, they sha...
His lady by Glowmoss
His ladyby Glowmoss
Stories for Dead fandoms
Angel Beats~ After SSS by KawaiiBeanPod
Angel Beats~ After SSSby KawaiiBeanPod
~Konnichiwa minna! In this story, all the characters are reborn into the world once again. However, none of them have their memories from their past lives or the after...
shinigami's Ai by AngelicaCatbagan
shinigami's Aiby Angelica Catbagan
do you believe in some old stories?!! what if its not just a story... what if it happens to you... "your rule is to get her soul?and..." "she just only ha...
The Story of Prince Kuro by Prince_Kuro
The Story of Prince Kuroby Ashton Pierce † Liam Kuro Ⅲ
Author's Note: I'm Kuro, this is my story in addition to the other two stories about the Morbid Kingdom. The first being her majesty's, The Story of Princess Goth. Nd th...