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The Backup Singer - A Matty Healy Fanfiction (Completed) by subsectionss
The Backup Singer - A Matty subsectionss
// Billie's always been in the background, but she's always wanted to sing. That's why when the perfect job comes along, a backup singer for a band, she jumps at the cha...
// It's just you and I tonight // (A Matty Healy Fanfiction) by Shavedsidesmohawk
// It's just you and I colekjdatemedaddies
// "I love this book so much! You are REALLY talented!", "Can't wait for the new update, already excited!", "Amazing! Omg please update!"...
Heart Out // Matty Healy [Completed] by mattyxhealy
Heart Out // Matty Healy [ mattyxhealy
[WARNING THIS FANFIC IS VERY CRINGY AND I HATE IT] / The 1975 fanfiction / Hannah Snowdon, was the average girl whom seemed to catch Matty's eyes. She was a tattoo art...
l o s t    [m.h, g.d] by BethBishop
l o s t [m.h, g.d]by BethBishop
Finn is drifting. On a path to self destruction, a chance encounter on a cold beach puts her on a different track. Zoots, smokes, and a sofa to sleep on are a nerve wrac...
matty healy, falling in love over night by the1975stories
matty healy, falling in love april x
when you're 17 and not looking for love you find it in the most unexpected places at least that's the case for grace. meeting a stranger at 3am with dark eyes and curly...
They can't bring us down (Matthew Healy Love Story) by bedheadblondish
They can't bring us down ( anna
This very story is about the famous band member of the well known british 'boyband' The 1975, and a girl that is also known as Ray. They fall in love with eachother rig...
Fall➳Matty Healy by solvingstars
Fall➳Matty Healyby belle
"I'll fall for you, you'll fall for me, but in the end we're both going to get hurt." @ALL RIGHTS RESERVED copy right- solvingstars
Milk by neurosed
Milkby neurosed
"maybe all i want is to forget." "it's only a couple of lines, it won't mend your heart." "i know." //
instagram issues: healy a.u by bleachedandblue
instagram issues: healy a.uby r (':
A story in which two girls make a fake instagram profile to talk to the boy of their dreams.
Change in Pressure | Matty Healy by sunflowerriddles
Change in Pressure | Matty Healyby ♡ R e n e e ♡
For polar opposites Eden and Matty, it's hate at first sight. But when a drunken dare goes wrong, the pair find themselves stuck together for a month. Sparks fly, but w...
Cigarette Daydreams // Matty healy by TooMuchCynthia
Cigarette Daydreams // Matty healyby TooMuchCynthia
"I'm not your typical stoned 18 year old, give me a night ill make you" "I know your looking for salvation in the secular age, but girl I'm not your savio...
/ / M E D I C I N E / / by Kazzykay
/ / M E D I C I N E / /by Kaylynn
They say that drugs and alcohol don't mix well. Imagine how bad it would be if you threw love into it. Matthew Healy struggles with addiction and his enabling relationsh...
Maybe by neurosed
Maybeby neurosed
"and how old are you?" "I'm 20."
Girl, I'm not your savior (Matthew Healy love story) SEQUEL by bedheadblondish
Girl, I'm not your savior ( anna
**SEQUEL TO THEY CAN'T BRING US DOWN!!!** Ray and Matthew are back but now, everything is different. They are officially together, like really together. But plans get d...
Don't Say You Love Me More by creative_but_messy
Don't Say You Love Me Moreby creative_but_messy
Juliette already had to go through a lot of things during her relationship with singer Matt Healy. After several fights with friends, family and her boss, all saying Mat...
Nature by the1975_sos
Natureby Molly
"I can read nature better then I can read you. I can tell when the cows don't want to be milked, or when the chickens won't lay. I know when there's going to be a s...