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Chaos Walking Childhood One Shots by acpmga
Chaos Walking Childhood One Shotsby acpmga
A few one-shots of ideas and head cannons that I have about the childhoods of the Chaos Walking characters. I wish we got to learn more about their backstories in the bo...
From the Stars (Davy Prentiss Jr x Reader) by violaeades
From the Stars (Davy Prentiss Jr mariah
"yer just so different from any other woman i ever knew," he said, and there was a twinge of guilt in his words as he shuffled his feet. "yer... from some...
Chaos Walking Imagines by violaeades
Chaos Walking Imaginesby mariah
imagines for my favorite book series. i'll write anything from x reader to character drabbles to viola x todd. there may also be discussions, etc. requests are open! no...
Chaos Walking Imagines  by irlcatheravery
Chaos Walking Imagines by irlcatheravery
I AM THE CIRCLE AND THE CIRLE IS ME todd hewitt davy prentiss jr. viola eade lee Highest Ranking: #10 in ToddHewitt #2 in theknifeofneverlettinggo
Chaos Walking Characters as Categories by acpmga
Chaos Walking Characters as acpmga
A few random categories of pop culture and other themes that I think suit the main characters of Chaos Walking.
Is Haven our heaven? by JaceIsNaturalBlonde
Is Haven our heaven?by JaceIsNaturalBlonde
Todd and Viola (Chaos walking by Patrick Ness) confess each other's love. Fluff, drama and MAYBE lemons in future chapters. Enjoy ✌