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Keep Bleeding Love by EastCoastPinay
Keep Bleeding Loveby EastCoastPinay
Two personalities from different worlds. Can the troubled pasts that brought them to the same place bring them LOVE? Can love endure their troubled pasts? ****** ...
Fate finds Destiny by EastCoastPinay
Fate finds Destinyby EastCoastPinay
When Fate found out that her parents arranged her marriage to someone she had never met, she left New York determined to change her fate-hoping to find her one true love...
Abstraction | An Anthology of Poems by Queen_bee_Mariam
Abstraction | An Anthology of Poemsby Samriddhi Saha
❝With emotions as my colours and words my brushes, with pride do I present my art... The Art Of Abstraction.❞ This anthology contains poems written mostly on abstract to...
#LoadedOriginals by LoadedCheese
#LoadedOriginalsby #LoadedCheese
It was a bright sunny day. We were out in the forest, gathering some wood for the night's fire. I did not know till then that I could rhyme... HR #1 in Poetry
The Guardian's Gift by shiteutea
The Guardian's Giftby Ally Payne ♡
"Do you believe in guardian angels, Seokjin?" *** "It's like... I've known you for long, but at the same time I...
Every child of Crizerio is surrendered to the government at the age of 5. The memories of those years are wiped from their minds, but they always recognize their parents...
Garnished With Love by _miss_idealist_
Garnished With Loveby MISS IDEALIST
[ Featured on @WattpadPoetry , under the reading list "Random" ] Featured in @WattpadPoetryIN under the reading list " Akash ganga" A reflection of...
Killer Past by glaimtruelovealways
Killer Pastby CaraBeth
Grace Stevens was free of her past when she meets Lane. What happens when her past comes back into her life. Mature themes, violence, NSFW. Please do not copy. All right...
Next Generation by ImAQueen111
Next Generationby -rose-
CAN PRESIDENT SNOW CANCEL THE GAMES? HAS THIS EVER HAPPENED IN HUNGER GAMES HISTORY?! I think not. From the poor town of district 12, a young girl (Willow) is forced bet...
The Golden Pear [YA - Featured] by Witto150
The Golden Pear [YA - Featured]by Witto150
When Freya Inuhakka, a burn survivor, receives a pear enchanted to give her either beauty, wisdom, or power, she chooses her fate by throwing it away. But the Greek Gods...
A Question of Faith by glaimtruelovealways
A Question of Faithby CaraBeth
The begining of the story of Liam & Gracelyn. There will mature themes. Completed
VOICES OF SILENCE by _farheen07_
"Laugh and they laugh with you, Cry and you cry alone." ❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇ The poetry living within these pages tell stories. Our darkest times are where...