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SPECTRE-7 by AllieKatBooks
SPECTRE-7by Alexandria Kathrine
Celeste Greys has always been on her own, accepting any job she could get to keep herself alive. She only cared for herself, jumping from planet to planet. Making sure s...
The Path of a Grey Jedi by EzraBridger17
The Path of a Grey Jediby EzraBridger17
After Kanan and Ezra returned from Malachor everything was different, especially Ezra. As the days pass Ezra Bridger is getting more and more closer to the Dark side. Ka...
Out of Hope by VikingsOfTomorrow
Out of Hopeby VikingOfTomorrow
After trying to flirt with Sabine for the last time and having an argument with Kanan and Hera about his training, he decides to leave the The Ghost crew and go back to...
Gone Too Far by VikingsOfTomorrow
Gone Too Farby VikingOfTomorrow
Sabine goes overboard with accusing Ezra of flirting, so Ezra decides its best for everyone if he leaves.
sabezra one shots by missinggirl3
sabezra one shotsby Amanda
just the classic mess we all love. sabezra one shots maybe some parts . open to request
- the calm before the storm. by goldcnraps
- the calm before the kat
" i never meant to start a fire. " echo went by a name she saw on a grave, never realizing how much it would change her life. star wars rebels [ seasons one an...
I Won't Leave You; Not This Time by Ahsokafanfic
I Won't Leave You; Not This Timeby Ahsokafanfic
"Ahsoka..." the figure by the name of Darth Vader choked out her name, breathless. But she was no longer sure whether she could call him that. The so called ma...
SPECTRE-7: RESTORED by AllieKatBooks
SPECTRE-7: RESTOREDby Alexandria Kathrine
"You are a Rebel. No matter what anyone says." Celeste Greys is broken. She lost the only family she ever knew. Her best friends, her mentor and any connection...
Frienimies by Snips_101
Frienimiesby Fulcrum_101
(do jot read this book if you are an over the top fan of Han and Leia or if you are a huge fan of originals and ar ejot open to suggestion or change of them, nkw to the...
The Tano family adventures. by SWfangirl2002
The Tano family SWfangirl2002
Highest ranking: #77 in Science Fiction. Ahhh! Rebels and being calm don't match. There has never been a better statement. Hey. I'm Sabrina Tano. Welcome to my life. Ca...
Happy Birthday Ezra by secret_jedi
Happy Birthday Ezraby The Secret Jedi
The Ghost crew gets Ezra a laptop for his birthday! He tries to sell Zeb on EBay. He plays Undertale and minecraft. He creates his own commercial. He goes to mcdonalds...
X Readers, Shippings, And random one shots all related to one of my favorite tv shows, Star Wars Rebels. Currently its mostly filled with sort of serious fanfcis. Just t...
Star Wars Rebels: Starkiller Unleashed by The-Strongest
Star Wars Rebels: Starkiller Zeke
For some time now the clone of former apprentice of Darth Vader, Starkiller, has been sneaking through the galaxy making hit and runs on the Empire. As has a group calle...
- ghosts of the past. by goldcnraps
- ghosts of the kat
" it was never supposed to go this wrong. " the ghost crew returned to the resistance, but not the same crew who fought in the rebellion. star wars episodes v...
Best Friends Book 1: Falling For You[ON HOLD] by _UniqueFilipina_
Best Friends Book 1: Falling For - RM -
Ever since I'd met her, I knew there was something special about her. The thing is, she's....different. But I knew she would never even have the slightest interest in...
Star Wars Rebels: An Inside Man by sabinewren87
Star Wars Rebels: An Inside Manby sabinewren87
What if instead of Kallus being Fulcrum is Ezra Bridger but there's something the Rebels don't know about Ezra what is it? Well you'll gonna have to find out by reading...