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Black and White - Spiderman Noir x Reader by AceTheNotSoGreat
Black and White - Spiderman Noir DaSceneKid
This is meant as a way of coping with emotional trauma. Will contain some cursing, sarcasm, and sexual scenes (JK, it won't. Go to confession you weirdos) This is also a...
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Mad as Jazzmen |1930s Ryden AU| ✔️ by wayward-angels
Mad as Jazzmen |1930s Ryden AU| ✔️by Jacklyn ✨
"It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing." * * * The Great Depression was, by far, one of the worst tragedies in the history of the world. People d...
Foreclosure by music_over_most
Foreclosureby Morgan
First things first: this was probably the hardest thing I've ever had to go through. Things happened that I would never have dreamed in a million years would happen. Thi...
'Till the end of the line ⇝ stucky ⇜ by sunflowervol61
'Till the end of the line ⇝ kt ☆
『 In which Steve Rogers falls in love with his best friend, Bucky Barnes, and learns that anything can happen 』 ➴ {Stucky} {Pre-serum Steve} {Pre-war} ➴ on hold/disconti...
Super depressing oneshots and stories from my school. by ICameForGayFish
Super depressing oneshots and ICameForGayFish
Lmao. I look forwards to slaughtering people at my school in this
Fade Into The End by briannastento
Fade Into The Endby briannastento
When a curious eight-year-old little girl finds herself in the midst of The Great Depression, Annie Sloan has some decisions to make about growing up when her mother com...
On The Track by Carly_Starr
On The Trackby Carly Starr
My grandad lived a wild life during the Great Depression. Travelling Australia on horseback, picking up work when he could and robbing houses when he couldn't. In 1989 h...
Riding the Rails by theogpastelqueen
Riding the Railsby Aria🎀
The story of a day in a life of a teenage hobo during the great depression that is struggling with her tough decision.
The Great Depression by Student206950
The Great Depressionby Student
Meet Indi a girl from The Great Depression. But when One Direction gets taken back to those days and it is like they don't exist cause they didn't even exist. But when t...
The Withered Leaves by W4bi-S4bi
The Withered Leavesby ate_chona22
This poem was made during my quarantine period (Did not have a COVID19) when I went back home to my province. I made this in view of what is currently happening in my l...
A Blast of Bronze by sarrietty
A Blast of Bronzeby Sarah
A class requirement was to write a vignette about someone in the Great Depression. My great grandfather used to tell this story all the time, and it happened to be about...
The Immortal by samanila_sandwich
The Immortalby 🐟🍔
The interview of a Mister James Welsona, using questions given to me by my peers.
A summer to Remember  by Emaz0225
A summer to Remember by Emaz0225
May 1932 Eliza Jane's father decided to take her family to his childhood town.
Mob War San Francisco: 1930's by Hatter9300
Mob War San Francisco: 1930'sby Legend The Hatter
Alanzo was the strongest mob boss in San Francisco. But what happens when family gets too close to work?
Silver Lined by desirae_frisbie
Silver Linedby Desirae Frisbie
Happiness is found when there is nothing left to have.
Big Nipeled Bamugo (BNA Sequel) by PresentMicEatPp
Big Nipeled Bamugo (BNA Sequel)by Daddy😩🙄😏
It be a fOo mon since kirishim Dieded. Bamugo inherited mr Aizawa's big nipel cork, and is ready to do justice for thw world. But, his plans r changeded when he finds ou...
The West Egg Fury. by Thejahlaiyahleee
The West Egg Jahlaiyah lee.💕🧸
A prose inspired by The iconic film the Great Gatsby.
The Girl Behind The Curtain {On Hold} by coraxx
The Girl Behind The Curtain {On Cora♡
"Mom she needs a home!" "You mustn't argue Kinsley. She isn't staying." The year is 1927. Kinsley Harrington lives in London, England. Olivia Johnso...