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A Touch of Heaven by samararoses
A Touch of Heavenby 𝖘𝖆𝖒𝖆𝖗𝖆𝖗𝖔𝖘𝖊
But even beasts deserve miracles. #1 in Heaven - 12/11/19 #4 in King - 12/16/19 #171 in Romance - 1/1/20 #33 in Love - 3/21/20 #1 in Miracle - 6/13/20 #17 in Alpha - 6/2...
pizzaface | ✓ by xSahloFolinax
pizzaface | ✓by ☀︎︎☀︎︎☀︎︎
❝Pizzaface ❞ That's what they called him.
Sissy Boy  by Theviolet_writer
Sissy Boy by Oseke .F. Blessed
It never is easy to watch a loved one slip right into death's clutches. That torturous strain in your chest and sting in your eyes everytime you so much as get a little...
Hush  by thegrapesurgeon
Hush by thegrapesurgeon
"Hush now dear" his voice echoed as the sound collided against the walls of the dingy backroom that I had called home for the past few weeks of my life *TRIGGE...
Legacy by WedgeTailedEagle
Legacyby W.T. Eagle
In the year 2118, the people of The Lights celebrate the deeds of the Legacies: a team of superheroes who saved the city a century ago, transforming it into the utopia t...
The Living Statue by Kay-Sara
The Living Statueby Kay-Sara
Alena Griffin has an uncontrollable lure towards forbidden, impossible and unattainable. That is how she finds herself in one of the most reputable business companies i...
𝐁𝐄𝐋𝐈𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐑 ᵏ. ᵇᵃᵏᵘᵍᵒ by fashketchums
𝐁𝐄𝐋𝐈𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐑 ᵏ. ᵇᵃᵏᵘᵍᵒby the void
❝All the hate that you've heard has turned your spirit to a dove.❞ Her heart is one of ice, and he just may be the one to thaw it. ❝Let the bullets fly, let them rain.❞ ...
One Shots by Theviolet_writer
One Shotsby Oseke .F. Blessed
A collection of ideas randomly popping into my head..... Open to Requests via dm dirty mind may produce more of smut
Ashes ⇝Legolas by Divinemoon
Ashes ⇝Legolasby old acc
❝From ashes she shall rise In fire she shall rule To ashes she shall return❞ Five hundred is five hundred years that Nesryn has spent trapped within the dun...
Memorize (Book One) by EerieVal
Memorize (Book One)by EerieVal
Think of a future where memories are wiped away from human brains to help people deal with time and incurable disease. Think of a time when man can live several lives an...
Florence || H.S.  by noacf_
Florence || H.S. by andie
she taught herself how to blossom and he watched her grow into her name. Started on 10/01/19 Completed
The Los Angeles Lighthouse | ✔ by Noah_Glass
The Los Angeles Lighthouse | ✔by Noah Glass
Mason Marks is a screw up. Every day is a struggle to cough up enough money for rent, to ignore the reek of despair flooding the streets, to stop himself from slipping f...
The Elementalists by PZino1
The Elementalistsby Dani
***Featured in YA SCI-FI & FANTASY, SECRET TREASURES and WATTPAD UNDISCOVERED STORIES 2019 *** "The truth can be weathered, eroded; it's every shade of grey that li...
His Wolf by arabelle007
His Wolfby Arabelle
#1st place winner of the Epic Dreamer Awards 2019 - Werewolf ***** Winter was approaching. It would be another season he would spend alone. Secluded. His animals would...
Dragonball The Adventures Of Daiko And Kierra(Semi-HIATUS) by Ay_luvsDBS
Dragonball The Adventures Of AY
Daiko is the elder brother of Kierra. He was sent to earth 2 years before Kierra was born.(When planet Vegeta exploded) Little did he know that his parents managed to es...
Only Her by EbonyScarlett9185
Only Herby Ebony
"What have you done to me?" She screams at him. He laughs, the sound echoing around the room. "Don't worry, Esther. I've only made you better. You'll soo...
Bon Appétit ✔ by museing
Bon Appétit ✔by l
(COMPLETED) The new neighbour in the apartment building is beautiful, but strange. She brings home different men every three days and then they are never seen at hers ag...
Dimension by WillBillHill123
Dimensionby RainyDaySaturday
Language warning for the actual novel. Paragon. A dying galaxy, exhausted of all but the most basic natural resources and home to three failing superpowers. A great war...
By The Moon by WedgeTailedEagle
By The Moonby W.T. Eagle
Kaira and Thorne were born as enemies, met as strangers, bantered like best friends, and then... they fell, as lovers do. They both know these growing feelings they hav...
Unleashing my Inner Beast by guitarnotes
Unleashing my Inner Beastby Sarah Montsinger
Inner Beast: noun- a creature that claws at your soul, hoping to catch one of your mistakes and make you suffer We're human. That comes with an Inner Beast. This creatur...