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Bagheera x Wolf Reader by PROTECT_MITAKA
Bagheera x Wolf Readerby 1-800-any-book-lovers? 🏳️‍🌈
Bagheera and Shadow (You) always watching out for Mowgli. You always felt a special connection for Bagheera. Shere Khan comes and starts to change all of your life.
Shanti's Second Encounter by PinkiePieSweets
Shanti's Second Encounterby PinkiePieSweets
One day in the jungle, Shanti ends up having another encounter with the hypnotic python. Luckily, Mowgli and his friends are here to save her from being put under his sp...
Last Destination.   [bagheera𝑥reader] by FurysNight
Last Destination. [bagheera𝑥 FurysNight
The thin figure of a panther lingered at the watering hole, her ribs almost visible and an equally skinny wolf cub timidly hiding beneath her, appears in the jungle one...
Unexpected Arrival || The Jungle Book 2016 by iBePotato
Unexpected Arrival || The Jungle That1Potato
Daiane, a beautiful, powerful jaguar gets captured and brought to India. While transporting her, she manages to escape and runs to the nearest place she can find; the j...
Once Upon A Time: The Circle Of Life  by Lionel062
Once Upon A Time: The Circle Of Lionel
*What if the characters from The Lion King, Tarzan and The Jungle Book appeared in ABC Once Upon a Time?* In this story, The Curse did not only reach the enchanted fore...
Simba and Buffy by WinterSoldier35
Simba and Buffyby WinterMandoSoldier
Simba meets someone that will change his life. The story is set in season five after the episodes Buffy vs. Dracula, The Real Me, The Replacement, and Out of My Mind. Re...
Descendants 4: The Revival Of The Isle Of The Lost & Ever After by MB-143
Descendants 4: The Revival Of MB-143
What happens next for The VK's or in other words, the core fore when they returned to their hometown Isle Of The Lost and reunite with their parents who they haven't sin...
Jungle book by toocoolforthis32
Jungle bookby Cool<3
2 panthers and a man-cub?
Tale of Dracion by GabriellaPalm
Tale of Dracionby 🎧Sapphire 🎧
She is a different animal, In a jungle. Does she belong here or somewhere else? Well, that she doesn't know. Snow, as this creature is called, is a white wolf with wings...
Scarlett Johansson by rainbowunicorn93
Scarlett Johanssonby rainbowunicorn93
Kurzer Einblick in das Leben von Scarlett Johansson. Mit ihren wichtigsten Filmen.
final regret by ahi-cronche
final regretby ahi
Shere Khan is dead. Bagheera says goodbye.
Jungle Kid by ithaca2007
Jungle Kidby ithaca2007
Andrew was wondering in his exhibition of the jungle till he got lost and the very next morning he met some wolves and took him in instead of eating him. He taught him t...
Meet the Authors! by Fantom_Twins
Meet the Authors!by Two Girls
Hello, fellow readers of wattpad that came across our account or certain book. Here is a book to get to know us more, enjoy! This book will also be used for Role Play pu...
Kermit's Frozen Retold by KermitsFrozen
Kermit's Frozen Retoldby KermitsFrozen
A detailed retelling of what happened during the events of famous short film Kermit's Frozen, starting Kermit the Frog, Hot Potato, and Baloo the bear. Kermit's Frozen c...
The Greaser Book by boo_arnold02
The Greaser Bookby The Real Abby Arnold
Part 1 Lost and alone five year old Maddison was forgotten at a park in New York City. Fun silly risk taking always curious Maddison soon finds her self hurt and exposed...
the jungle whores by WAITFORANDPEGGY
the jungle whoresby WAITFORANDPEGGY
umm soo this is a few people in the jungle book... (some aren't in the Disney movie) its set in new York and everybody does these weird things or are. just read the firs...
Just Like You by castelloju
Just Like Youby Juliana Castello
A look into a successful yet discourteous newspaperman's and his apple-polishing employee's relationship over the track of the Jungle Book's "I Want to Be Like You...
The Jungle Book III by jenneacubero05
The Jungle Book IIIby Jennea Cubero
Upon Mowgli's 12th birthday, his life has been going through a lot. And with his uncle, Buldeo showing up, it's more complicated.