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Spring Bloom [TKA - The King's Avatar fanfiction] by XiexieRourou
Spring Bloom [TKA - The King's Xiao Jian
Though revered as one of the Godly pioneer of GLORY, Li Chunhua was never given a chance to enter the Professional Alliance. Season 1, Season 2, Season 3...everyone was...
Anime Male x Male reader by Lumine-Fox
Anime Male x Male readerby Prince Ice
Hello... I'm doing a oneshot storys, there's not much to say. Only males, nothing illeagl I own the stories, not the characters Achievements: #6 on childe #2 on yuu #3 o...
Unknowingly, causing waves in this Story (The King's Avatar Fanfic) by Gilthur
Unknowingly, causing waves in Reinhart
" Glory? " Where did he heard it before? He was certain that it sounds familiar. " Happy birthday Jun Feng!! " On his Birthday, 9 year old Shen Jun F...
The King's Avatar one-shot (xreader) by illimin
The King's Avatar one-shot ( illimin
one-shots and longer stories mostly x(male or female) reader No requests for now, please. Be aware that it sometimes contains swear words and some chapters are nsfw None...
Sleeping boyfriend by NaokiIchigo
Sleeping boyfriendby NaokiIchigo
[Complete] Sharing a bed with his boyfriend was so beautiful, yet he rarely could make use of it.
Your warmth - Hanye by BOBtheTITAN123
Your warmth - Hanyeby you don’t know me.
Established Hanye; Ye Xiu making a scene as always~~
Meeting on stage by NaokiIchigo
Meeting on stageby NaokiIchigo
After being thrown out by his team, Su Muqiu went to Ye Xiu. Since there was nothing he could do for about a year, he decided to spend this time with his friend. Togethe...
Anime Songs Lyrics of 2018 by Kumiona36
Anime Songs Lyrics of 2018by Ashura
A song book for the year 2018, this compiles all my favorite Japanese songs from my favorite anime for the year 2018. There will be songs included from the leftovers of...
An opponent to remember by NaokiIchigo
An opponent to rememberby NaokiIchigo
[Complete]Ye Qiu wanted to make his son happy. He's plan was successful.
❤ accepted by NaokiIchigo
❤ acceptedby NaokiIchigo
[Complete] Ye Xiu calls little Zhou over for a little talk. The ending was kind of unexpected.
The King's Avatar (fanfiction) by amieblanco16
The King's Avatar (fanfiction)by amieblanco16
Ali loves playing glory since it was the only thing she can do to escape the world she lives in. She moved to China when she was 20 years old in hopes of finding a good...
Stray night cat by NaokiIchigo
Stray night catby NaokiIchigo
When Zhou Zekai and Jiang Botao took a stroll around the city, they hadn't expected to meet their senior, especially not in such a sad condition.
Meeting in the tenth server by NaokiIchigo
Meeting in the tenth serverby NaokiIchigo
[Complete] Su Muqiu is the star of team Excellent Era, secretly helping out their guild Excellent Dynasty. The rumors about a player named Lord Grim had reached his ears...
After Champions by Lichtsnow
After Championsby LichtSnow
ZhouYe Oneshot Fluff. Short. Sweet. Enjoy.
Bridge by NaokiIchigo
Bridgeby NaokiIchigo
[Complete] For Ye Xiu winter was a season full of memories, full of emotions. It had been winter, when the first server of Glory had been opened. It had been winter, whe...
Return of a rival by NaokiIchigo
Return of a rivalby NaokiIchigo
[Complete] A new event was added to the program of the All Star Weekend, during this event Han Wenqing meets an old rival.
Always once a month by NaokiIchigo
Always once a monthby NaokiIchigo
Once a month a little group of gamers gathered in the little Internet Café across of team Excellent Era's club building to have a training session with a dear friend of...
A day in July || Yang Yang  [ON HOLD] by Anonymous-Alpacha
A day in July || Yang Yang [ON August
"Promise?" "I do" He said without a second thought. The idea of love was always foreign to you. Why do you need love? It's just a waste of time. You...
Dioses [The King's Avatar Fanfic] by LaViejaPlumadeMel
Dioses [The King's Avatar Fanfic]by Melanie
Los Avatar divinos eran la Élite dentro de la Elite, adorados por la gente común, las ciudades tenían carteles de sus poseedores como si fueran celebridades, su sola exi...
Footprints of Time 时之足 by user42776736
Footprints of Time 时之足by LadySif4life
Translation of a ZhouYe fanfic. Time Lord parody. Original release at Original author has given me her perm...