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The Lion King - The Bonds of Trust by MJDisneyfan4life
The Lion King - The Bonds of Trustby MJDisneyfan4life
After losing her parents at a young age to a murderous lion and facing abuse from her mean spirited aunt, a young African-Romani woman named Shani runs away from her vil...
The Lion King | The lost Brother by Lunarclannn
The Lion King | The lost Brotherby Cynthia Saelens
You might be familiar with the story of Mufasa and his Brother scar. Little did you know they had another Brother. A big Brother who was supposed to be King. yet someday...
The Love Triangle by Fallenfromtheskies
The Love Triangleby Fallenfromtheskies
A rouge lioness joins the Pride Lands to have a better life, sadly encountered by the reign of Scar. After beating him, Simba comes to power, but problems start arising.
Kopa by Marlbearo
Kopaby tangle stan account
Someone from the Pridelands' past makes an unexpected return. Things are not the same.
King x King (Simba x Kovu) [Lion King] by opaque__
King x King (Simba x Kovu) [Lion 𝐚𝐮𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐧
A story that takes place where Simba confesses how he feels for Kovu. Then things backfire, but in a good way. 2/14/2019: the story is based around certain events connec...
Tyrant's Lover | Taka x Reader by Gaywoo
Tyrant's Lover | Taka x Readerby Gay. Woo!
Growing up, you were friends with the two Prideland Princes. You left for a couple of months and come back to Taka's behaviour totally changed. Can you figure out what's...
TLK Comic: Kiara's Reign (pending...) by TLKcomics
TLK Comic: Kiara's Reign ( The Lion King
Kovu and Kiara are happy with their three cubs. But in a rainstorm at the ravine, Leah sacrifices her life to save both her brother and sister, and falls into the river...
King Kion and Queen Rani's Life at the Tree of life by WolfieKingxx52
King Kion and Queen Rani's Life Wolfie.Kingxx52
(Book being rewrote) Kion and Rani's life at the Tree. (Modern English) Kion and Rani's life living at the Tree, but the resurrection of Scar, and a childhood friend of...
My name is not Scar by ChrissieKallenbach
My name is not Scarby Chrissie K
Reimagining. What if Scar was never the Villain?
The Human Daughter of King Simba and Queen Nala by Range042
The Human Daughter of King Simba Range042
What if Kiara wasn't born? What if Nala can't birth cubs because of a illness she had in the past? And what if Kiara wasn't the one who fell in love with Kovu,and he for...
The Lion King Chronicles: Nala's Tears {Editing} by adelaide_angel
The Lion King Chronicles: Nala's Allison Joy
Nala is born the daughter of Sarafina and Jahi during the reign of Mufasa. Her cubhood days are spent alongside Simba, Tama, Kula, and Malka. The five of them spend thei...
Kion's Betrayal: Revenge of Kion's Pride by SpiderEye-
Kion's Betrayal: Revenge of Kion' SpiderEye-
Kion has been exiled from his home, and with Vitani at his side, he wants blood. This story is on FanFiction.Net Cover by amazingspiderfan110
A Heart's Desire by PrincessGG101
A Heart's Desireby PrincessGG101
When Kion is faced with a mysterious illness, Queen Rani becomes depressed at the fact that the one she loves might die and is unable to attend her royal duties. With th...
The Lion King: The Journey of Kion and Kopa Part 3 by VanillaErmine61
The Lion King: The Journey of VanillaErmine
Kion has stumbled upon the tree of life and the night pride after he speaks to the ghost of an unknown family member. He will meet new friends when he is there .Malaika...
Malevolent | Descendants by 1_800_you_wish
Malevolent | Descendantsby BangTanBoysfan_13
Scarlette is the daughter of Scar. She had been thrown onto the Isle of the Lost with the other villains and their children after her father got killed by the hyenas aft...
Lion Guard What If-Kion Grew Up With Rani by amazingspiderfan110
Lion Guard What If-Kion Grew Up Spectacular Spider Fan
I thought of this and its very interesting, so interesting that i didnt put it in my other lion guard book Possibility, where i take a look at scenarios for the show. Bu...
The Lion Guard Meets Selena Burns by cookiemonsterRULEZ
The Lion Guard Meets Selena Burnsby Kaitlyn N. Lowe
I was a normal girl in biology class one morning, watching The Lion Guard instead of completing my lab when it happened. I was sucked into the computer screen and into t...
Kion and Fuli: Until the Pride Lands End (Completed) by Active_Ace
Kion and Fuli: Until the Pride Active_Ace
As the Pride Lands become Increasingly dangerous, Kion and Fuli become closer and closer as they discover great evil, new powers, and the beginning of love...or do they...
What If-The Lion Guard Season 1 by amazingspiderfan110
What If-The Lion Guard Season 1by Spectacular Spider Fan
I will explore a few universes that exist out there in the multiverse. You will see a bunch of things like, what if fuli was evil, or what if Kopa came back (but not as...
Whatever It Takes - A Lion Guard FanFiction by ChekaTLK
Whatever It Takes - A Lion Guard Cheka
A story about the lion guard, after season 3. This story is written with the intentions that the reader has seen the third season of the show. If you haven't seen it the...