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Monster In The Mirror | M.R by RavenGray_
Monster In The Mirror | M.Rby Raven
⚠️contains bad language, ED, self harm, toxic relationship, abuse⚠️ "He hates her." "No he doesnt, not really. She just makes him feel things that he's c...
Mattheo Riddle x Y/n Lestrange | DISCONTINUED by bruh_no1asked
Mattheo Riddle x Y/n Lestrange | bruh_no1asked
Y/n Lestrange is a pureblood and her mother, Belatrix Lestrange left her when she was born. Y/n lives with abusive parents that adopted her and hates her life. She feels...
lust [m.r.] by iovetomriddle
lust [m.r.]by angie
lust - a strong sexual desire -
Brain dead by mikalenn
Brain deadby mikalenn
(Feat. Some TikTok people ;) The world is under a apocalypse with blood thirsty zombies that will do anything to bite off your arm.... A little Civilization of people w...
mattheo riddle one shots by detoutebeaute
mattheo riddle one shotsby taylor
theo riddle x reader one shots //the character mattheo riddle belongs to yasmine !!
Lost (Mattheo Riddle x Reader) by charliecav
Lost (Mattheo Riddle x Reader)by charliecav
Hi:) This is my first story and I'm sorry if it's bad😅 Lost is about a 15 year old girl who was born into a pureblood family and has been home-schooled all her life. Wh...
The Unknown family by Music_is_Hope
The Unknown familyby Cee
Hello. This story will be about Hermione granger actually being Hermione Nott, then riddle, finally Evans. Theo and Hermione are twins and later on triplets. Theo is old...
The day it all went by potterheadstories13
The day it all wentby potterheadstories13
(Warning:smut it contained time by time) You fell in love with the one and only person in the marauders. You and the marauders have hard time with a problem you need to...
The riddle  by Daddyyn
The riddle by Vero1118
A girl named y/n moved to hogwarts to get away from an abusive relationship and turns out she wanted to see her brother and make new friends. What happens when she meets...
Flawless by Matthe0ridd1eswh0re
Flawlessby Mattheoriddleswh0re
"Just three simple words that made me realize I was in love." "the next thing you now mattheo and my fingers start touching. I felt like I was scared lik...
the sink hole of loving you //mattheo riddle by csum8710
the sink hole of loving you // claire_s
He lifts me onto the desk. "what're you doing?" I ask out of breath. "I'm going insane." he says, getting closer. "wh-what?" " I can't...
secret Lovers (Mattheo Riddle X Reader) by KayleiSquries
secret Lovers (Mattheo Riddle X Kaylei Squries
This is a Theo and Reader fanfic! your name will be Ruby y/l/n! This is my first time Writing a fanfic so I'm sorry if it's bad! also sorry if I sleep any words wrong...
long lost mikaelson by mritari13
long lost mikaelsonby Maggie
This is a story about y/n Mikaelson. She was told her parents Klaus and Caroline Mikaelson has died, but have they really? She now has lived with Voldemort every since s...
mattheo riddle one shots  by mattheosbxtch
mattheo riddle one shots by mattheosbxtch
small little scenarios that will probably help you go to sleep
Positively Negative  by dracoxreader09
Positively Negative by dracoxreader09
Y/N is a new witch to Hogwarts however the name Malfoy doesn't seem so new. She has had many encounters with the blonde headed boy but will this one change him in her pe...
(Wilted) x reader (a hogwarts story) by damageddillema
(Wilted) x reader (a hogwarts damageddillema
Young y/n snape is going to have a rough time at her new school will she fall in love or will she not?
hide and seek by superache222
hide and seekby superache222
draco fanfic theo riddle belongs to yasmin amaro leon and stella primrose belong to @papya0378 other characters belong to jkr lillian zabini belongs to me
The Games We Play by petrova_cagna
The Games We Playby P.
"Oi watch where the fuck your going dickhead"