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One-Shots // Book Compilation by jolikesgames
One-Shots // Book Compilationby « Jo »
One-Shot's written about any book title I feel like including; yet, know I shouldn't make a one-shot book for strictly that universe. So, since I still want to put the w...
The Raven Boys x Reader by cherryBomb379
The Raven Boys x Readerby cherryBomb379
Just a book of TRC one-shots. I've been looking for TRC one-shots for ages, but there really aren't many. So I decided to make my own!
cigarette daydream ━━  the raven cycle by thepeterparkers
cigarette daydream ━━ the raven 「a」
"i'm exhibiting serious signs of insanity right now, you know that, right?" [ beth st. james is slowly going insane and she believes it's richard g...
Pynch by Skykoalas
Pynchby Skykoalas
Gansey wonders about Ronan and Adams Relationship. he regrets these thought when he catches them together on the sofa in Monmouth
savior complex by purehcroine
savior complexby aimee
in the grand scheme of things, everything is connected. © aimee, 2021. SAVIOR COMPLEX / cover by @vizslas
hiraeth by hyeyuncho
hiraethby tay
in which Celeste begrudgingly moves into Henrietta, fully prepared to hate Aglionby, convinced nothing will change her mind. What's worse then being the only girl in a s...
To Live with the Stars by 2190may0912
To Live with the Starsby 2190may0912
A VERY short one-shot about Blue and The Raven Boys. This is my first published piece so constructive criticism is welcome (and asked for).
If tennis is your sport by void_bellamy_valdez
If tennis is your sportby void_bellamy_valdez
Pynch tennis one shots: Gansey decides the raven boys should go and play tennis together. Strangely, the idea makes Ronan happy, but gives Adam a great deal of trouble...
Ask Adam || Pynch by minyardscum
Ask Adam || Pynchby Sam
The soft sound of Gansey's feet echoed through the empty pews in the church. No one was with him. Except they were. Noah Czerny sat silently in the first seat, shoulder...
I Must Be Dreaming by hunterschmuck
I Must Be Dreamingby Hunter Schmuck
Everything has been so weird lately between Ronan, Adam, Gansey, and Blue. Noah is barely around anymore, and the friends are closer to finding Glendower than ever. When...
never gonna live (if you're too scared to die)  by thewolfofshadows
never gonna live (if you're too pan_denbrough
A social media AU of The Raven Cycle characters~
Blue Lily, Lily Blue (ITA) by Aargot
Blue Lily, Lily Blue (ITA)by Lady Raven
Per la prima volta nella sua vita, Blue Sargent ha trovato un posto dove si sente a casa. I ragazzi corvo l'hanno accolta come una di loro e lei è sicura che questo è i...
a day to forget by thetreesspeaklatin
a day to forgetby thetreesspeaklatin
Whelk and Czerny! Yay! Not really. Whelk's kind of in shock from losing everything (not that he's all that pleasant normally) and Noah's about to lose even more. (Cano...
deep in the forest we get lost | ronan lynch/adam parrish by wilkwlesie
deep in the forest we get lost | ☁️ Wilk
Oniryczne drabble z Pynchem w roli głównej. Leśny, magiczny klimat zamknięty w 297 znakach. (Tytuł zaczerpnięty z utworu brother by mighty oaks.)
MORE THAN SURVIVE ( trc. ) by trcsociety
❝ He knew what he wanted. It would destroy him. ❞ the raven boys | platonic oc x gangsey | coming soon
A Raven Cycle Fanfic  by nealjol
A Raven Cycle Fanfic by Monkey Cracker
I'm no Maggie Stiefvater, but I home you enjoy this fan fiction, because now that the Raven King is out and I've read it... I am sad that it's over. :( so to console mys...
Henrietta's Diaries by BlueLilyJane
Henrietta's Diariesby Blue Jane
Sometimes I write brief stories and they all take place in Henrietta.