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The Return Of An Angel  by sweetyerin
The Return Of An Angel by nurin erin
Isabella, who travelled back in time and suddenly became the daughter of the heavenly emperor and heavenly empress. Living the life that she never imagined before was ve...
The Return by ashleyc94
The Returnby ashleyc94
Blake Paxton went to a senior year party. She was a quiet girl in a small town in South Carolina. Her dad being the owner of the Paxton's stores in town. A small town, n...
the return by kateriiiinaaaaaa
the returnby katerina
Εύα Ιωαννίδου {17 χρονών) Ιάκωβος Χάρνεζ (17 χρονών0 Η Εύα μετακομίζει στην Αθήνα και αποφασίζει να αφήσει πίσω τα ψέματα. Τι θα γίνει όταν συναντήσει τον Ιάκωβο; Τι θα...
A New Life: a Spiderwitch Story by saltyredhead231
A New Life: a Spiderwitch Storyby SRH231
(Sequel to Got Each-Others Back: A Spiderwitch Story) 1 Year Later after defeating Norman Osborn, 19 year old Peter has taken online college to hopefully get a job in th...
Loved By You by Derminimo
Loved By Youby Naomi Munguti
Katrina is an innocent girl while Armor is a mature woman. Both of which the same person but in different persona,will one person in both of their hearts bring them back...
BLACKLIST: The return by ChubbyChickk
BLACKLIST: The returnby Junie Mhel
Ten years ago, Charles decided to stop using the Blacklist application, after he lost his adoptive mother because of it. BLACKLIST that killed thousands of lives by just...
Return of the Spambook by skdooshk
Return of the Spambookby skdooshk
oingy boingy so basically im gonna post stuff like storytimes, dreams, rants (maybe) and just random shit in general v i g.
The Return (A Hp Fanfic) |Discontinued| by mahouarts
The Return (A Hp Fanfic) | 🔪💜Mahou💜🔪
The Golden trio is back as they return to Hogwarts for their redo of their 7th year. What they hoped for was finally a peaceful year, but what if that's not what was in...
Chaos Walking Characters as Categories by acpmga
Chaos Walking Characters as acpmga
A few random categories of pop culture and other themes that I think suit the main characters of Chaos Walking.
Secrets of a Hustler: The Return of the Hustler by phoenixxrose88
Secrets of a Hustler: The Return Kiara Wilson
Polo made one vital mistake when he attacked Rashad....he didn't get the job done. Force into hiding, Rashad was caught between a rock and a hard place. Does he seek rev...
Simply Kingdom Keeper things by chew_10
Simply Kingdom Keeper thingsby chew_10
Just kingdom keeper things that pop into my head.
Missing: Trina Adonika Ledezma [ON GOING] by Proxycuter
Missing: Trina Adonika Ledezma [ Proxycuter
Season #1 Destinsayon? Ano ba ang destinasyon? Paa mo ba mismo ang nagtutulak sayo kung saan mo gusto mapunta? o utak mo ang nagdedesisyon kung kung saan ka ba dapat map...
How To Train Your Dragon 4: The Return Of The Dragons  (DISCONTINUED) by pikasqueakie
How To Train Your Dragon 4: The Loki
Hello! Quick note- this isn't cannon! It's just me missing the series and wanting to see what would come after the third movie. So,uh, I really hope you enjoy this- (FYI...
The Housekeeper  by Monet_Dragun
The Housekeeper by Muva of Soul
(#1 in romance since 9/6/16) *completed✔️* For Maverick 'Mav', being one of the top NFL players in the league definitely came with its perks. It was tough being a one wo...
t h e        r e t u r n by peachwxve
t h e r e t u r nby peachwxve
Reminder: current cover is just a substitute for the real cover! Please read ( description ) to find out!
Fantasies by Scarlet_Scarb
Fantasiesby ✦Jellie✦
I dunno bro. Here are some mini fantasies and scenarios. I made a f*cc girl named Charli and shes gonna be in a few of these too now. ~Btw, credit to me for the dang bo...
Chaos Walking Childhood One Shots by acpmga
Chaos Walking Childhood One Shotsby acpmga
A few one-shots of ideas and head cannons that I have about the childhoods of the Chaos Walking characters. I wish we got to learn more about their backstories in the bo...
Tulips Return (fan made) by Steven_universefan
Tulips Return (fan made)by Im_Crqzy
This is my first time writing I'm sorry if it's bad
The return of Gravity Falls (with reader in story) by 66PrincessKayKay
The return of Gravity Falls ( Kaycie Cowdery
Dipper and Mabel finally return to gravity falls! its been about 3 years since weirdmaggendion. they are now 16. while the twins were in the forest they met a new friend...
return by luna34567
returnby ~luna~ ~(y/n)~
its time for some idea's what do you guys want me to create like story wise like x listener story's, one-shots and more so enjoy and don't forget to tell me what story...