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Secrets Of Sciles *Finished* by MissySaysHi
Secrets Of Sciles *Finished*by (◐‿◑)
Warning: this is one of very early books. It's very horrible 😆 Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski have been best friends since birth. They're inseparable, they always h...
Jimmy Makes A Discovery by DJJordanne
Jimmy Makes A Discoveryby DJJordanne
"Greetings Scott," Jimmy said as he tipped his hat politely, "What brings you to Tumble Town this time?" "Is wanting to see my favourite Sheriff...
Jealousy by DJJordanne
Jealousyby DJJordanne
With another sigh, Jimmy walked over to the chair. Unceremoniously plopping down on it after opening the window. The fresh air now flowing in did nothing to stave off th...
"What An Ugly Flower" by DJJordanne
"What An Ugly Flower"by DJJordanne
Scott broke out of his thoughts as he almost trampled a lonely red flower. He bent down and gently plucked it from the earth. Bringing it closer to his face to inspect i...
Ask Madness Combat Characters anything lol (dwawing) by Moobinspector24
Ask Madness Combat Characters Spencer
Just a small q&a where you can ask these weirdos anything, Or requests. This is also just an inspiration that came from @PinkyIsMyDog lol (The way they drew the characte...
even achilles broke by I_love_Polar_Bears
even achilles brokeby Bear
empires jimmy but with more angst than intended how does this man have this much patience to be fine with all the bullying and harrassment, i would have quit and cried i...
Madness Combat X OC by MarusakiTsukihikaru
Madness Combat X OCby Marusaki Tsukihikaru
This is my book of how my characters interact with those from Madness Combat. At this rate, I will have stories with the following: Harlow X Hank Fern X Sanford Plaguit...
Arrow through my heart by HollyBowden4
Arrow through my heartby Holly Bowden
Starts during season 2. Whilst in the holy land Will is captured by the two Saracens that the sheriff knew, when the sheriff discovers Robins feelings for will he deci...
Hood by cookie--monster
Hoodby The Mad Hatter
Hey guys cookie--monster here! I love this book and from now on for awhile I will eat sleep and breath this book. I'm going to work really hard to finish it, I've publis...
Madness Romance (MadCom Oneshots/Headcanons!) by SodaTab
Madness Romance (MadCom Oneshots/ Sue She
I know the title is cheesy, but so am I hsjdjhfkdj feel free to request anyone i s'pose. I'll even do some of the characters that don't get as much love ✌ but yeah, it's...