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State house head cannons and one shot  by Emilygomse
State house head cannons and one Emlovesstates
This is a Headcannon in one shot book And incorrect quotes
Statehouse Oneshots by Sevenc94
Statehouse Oneshotsby Sevenc94
Just a bunch on oneshots because why not I am taking requests Based on Ben Brainard's Welcome to the Statehouse series Disclaimer: I do not own these characters
WTTT Stuff by Cyansong
WTTT Stuffby Cyso
Welcome to the Table Stuffs. Most of it is Head-cannons, with a small storyline going on within. If someone would like me to say what chapters have that storyline in the...
Incorrect statehouse quotes (And Headcannons) because I can by Sevenc94
Incorrect statehouse quotes (And Sevenc94
Incorrect quotes for Ben Brainard's welcome to the Statehouse series, will probably include ships. Disclaimer: I do not own these characters
Statehouse by _wolfi3__
Statehouseby Wolf/Mushroom
Statehouse ships, head cannons, and Incorrect quotes using Ben Brainard's state characters. Chapter title key ~head cannons~ |Authors note| •one shot• <incorrect qu...
Headcanons by plaguedmoth
Headcanonsby plaguedmoth
General State Headcanons (My takes)
Welcome to the Statehouse/Table Oneshots and Headcanons by CreativityPhoenix
Welcome to the Statehouse/Table Creativity Unrestrained
A place for me to put my shorter oneshots that I can't justify as standalone pieces and my headcanons for the different states. Goes into the shenanigans of the Statehou...
NSFW Statehouse Works by DaneetheRockstar
NSFW Statehouse Worksby DaneetheRockstar
A soon to be collection of my nsfw stories of Welcome to the Statehouse/the Table stories.
Statehouse stuff 2, electric boogaloo by Sunheart_101
Statehouse stuff 2, electric Beta cells simp
"You do you spaghetti man" are the words I live by in this book
How Texas Lost His Shirt (And Gained A Boyfriend) by Sevenc94
How Texas Lost His Shirt (And Sevenc94
Fic about California and Texas from Ben Brainard's welcome to the Statehouse series. Just a little ship fic. Disclaimer: I do not own these characters
Discord Writing Prompts by DaneetheRockstar
Discord Writing Promptsby DaneetheRockstar
A book for writing prompts focused on the Statehouse.
The Caldor Fire by BonusGamer
The Caldor Fireby The
Nevada is on fire and California helps them out (he's also on fire). Nevada X California (Idk how to tag stuff so 😀) (Also I'm willing to take constructive criticism rn...
Friendship (Welcome to the table fic) [DISCONTINUED] by Cantal0p3z
Friendship (Welcome to the table Elias
Gov forces the two largest states to make friends, originally posted on my Tumblr 3li4z or -Elias!-
I'm Sure He Loved You by Sevenc94
I'm Sure He Loved Youby Sevenc94
Now I hate this trope with a burning passion but God damn it's a good idea. California finally runs away from the statehouse, thinking it'd be better that way. He gets i...
StateChat by AnanaPanini
StateChatby Tired Pinapple
So I was re-watching all the WTTT episodes and- they have a group chat. Multiple group chats. This is what happens to those group chats.
FUCK THEM by analogical-trash
FUCK THEMby edmund
Ohio and Gov were having a serious conversation. But then Arizona came in looking for something yelling fuck them. Ohio had to join in, how could he not.
Move In Day by bayboo20
Move In Dayby bayboo20
The new Statehouse in California was just finished being built. It's time for the States and Gov to move in. How hard can that be?
The Country Freezes Over by CreativityPhoenix
The Country Freezes Overby Creativity Unrestrained
February 2021: The country has been hit with an extreme cold front, many states face unprecedented drops in temperature. The Statehouse copes. Take place immediately aft...
My name is NEW mexico by analogical-trash
My name is NEW mexicoby edmund
Tennessee called New Mexico, Mexico and said he wasn't part of the states. Lucky for New Mexico his friends are there to make him feel better. purely fluff.