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The Shadowed Vale ~ Book 1 by SJMoquin
The Shadowed Vale ~ Book 1by SJ Moquin
Book 1 of The Vale Series... An ancient world, a dark brooding warrior king, a beautiful princess with a mysterious past... Killian struggles to be a better king than hi...
The Treasured Vale ~ Book 2 by SJMoquin
The Treasured Vale ~ Book 2by SJ Moquin
Book 2 of The Vale Series... A beautiful, runaway princess... a reluctant king... a twist of fate that brought them together... Riven has spent the majority of her life...
The Blazoned Vale ~ Book 4 by SJMoquin
The Blazoned Vale ~ Book 4by SJ Moquin
Book 4 of The Vale Series... An elven king set in his ways... A mysterious maiden determined to change her destiny... a chance meeting which throws them together interlo...
Never Too Late by SJMoquin
Never Too Lateby SJ Moquin
Leander fell hard for the mysterious Khavi, a mystic seer of mixed heritage, the first time he saw her. While he has had reason to believe Selphie returns his affections...
The Knight's Code by SJMoquin
The Knight's Codeby SJ Moquin
Ranald and Theobald take their duties as knights of Evenmoore very serious. But they take their code as brothers-in-arms even more so. Find out what happens when a damse...
The Siren's Song by SJMoquin
The Siren's Songby SJ Moquin
Finnec falls in the love the first time he steps aboard a ship. In love with the sea, that is. When his dreams finally come true and he is made captain of his own vessel...
In My Dreams by SJMoquin
In My Dreamsby SJ Moquin
✧❖✧The winner of @FairytaleCommunity 's Mythical Creatures Contest!!✧❖✧ Tales From the Vale: In My Dreams - a short story from the world of The Shadowed Vale... Kolvar l...