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The First Champion | BOTW Link x GN!Reader by MintieCakes
The First Champion | BOTW Link x Elailas
Contains spoilers - gender neutral MC One hundred years ago, you took part in a prophecy of old. Having being gifted the ability to hear the voice of the goddess Hylia...
Before the Calamity by KorinnaHazelWrites
Before the Calamityby Korinna Hazel
Princess Zelda and Champion Link must work together to defeat the upcoming calamity. Though tensions run high and the princess despises her knight, the two form an unex...
The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild Female Character Preferences by loony__artist
The Legend of Zelda : Breath of Jacket Sl*t
Some preferences of some of the girls from the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. • • • Gender neutral reader :) • Updates may take a while... • All fanart is made by m...
Rebecca x Prince Sidon by LeaBeccasMultiverse
Rebecca x Prince Sidonby LeaBeccasMultiverse
Very short one about how Sidon feels towards his queen💖
From the Ashes of Hyrule by ThatNerdyGuy1801
From the Ashes of Hyruleby ThatNerdyGuy1801
The war has been won. Princess Zelda, soon to become Queen Zelda of Hyrule, has been freed from the confines of Hyrule Castle that she had been trapped in by Ganon. Alth...
NPC One-Shots || The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild by loony__artist
NPC One-Shots || The Legend Of Jacket Sl*t
A book of one-shots, one for each NPC character in The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild in alphabetical order. Co-written by me and the wonderful and amazing @AlvaHuf...
Diary of a Lost Hero by Midna42
Diary of a Lost Heroby Midna42
This is the tale of Link, the Hero of Hyrule, with.. a twist? I write this story from Link's awakening in Breath of the Wild from his perspective, in the form of a diary...
A Wounded Friend by olinnperkins
A Wounded Friendby Olin Perkins
Link is injured fighting a Lynel on Ploymus Mountain, and he retreats to Rito Village for care. The hero may struggle with his words, but he still has friends he can alw...
Feast With Me - BoTW by ThatSleepyBoi
Feast With Me - BoTWby Cloud
This is my AO3 story! (My user is ThatSleepyBoi) It was for a discord writing contest! Only me n one other person entered :') As usual, the characters do not belong to m...
Betwixt and Between by olinnperkins
Betwixt and Betweenby Olin Perkins
A shooting star falls the night of a Blood Moon. Link has lost his way, and with the Calamity growing ever stronger, Sheik must forge a new path through Hyrule and lead...
Dance With A Detective | BoTW ZeLink by zeldas-wife
Dance With A Detective | BoTW Zelda’s Wife 💕
This story is (probably not going to last very long based on my track record, but is also) about a young law student and a detective. In a town riddled with violence, th...