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The Last Virgin Standing by laughterandjynx
The Last Virgin Standingby Tiffany Huynh
(COMPLETED) Charlotte Summers is the last virgin in her school; a school where taking virginity is a sport. The sport has five main contenders: Tyler Bradshaw, the myste...
The Last Virgin Standing 2 (Fan Fiction) •ON HOLD• by Niki_Direction
The Last Virgin Standing 2 (Fan wEiRdO
•|| I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU READING THE ORIGINAL BOOK BEFORE READING THIS ONE...THANKS!||• Charlotte Summers, a newly graduate from Addison High. Finally free from the st...
Mumble's Sister  by bennetre21
Mumble's Sister by bennetre21
In this story mumble has a sister named eliza who can sing beautifully and can dance like her brother but what happens when the aliens have taken their fish and made the...
The Last Virgin Standing One-Shot Competition by xoEinsteinBatchxo
The Last Virgin Standing Tammy
What if Charlotte chose differently? Or Emma and Ian never had a thing? Or If Tyler came out with a shocking deal? Find out in TLVS Alternate Ending!
The Last Virgin Standing - One Shot Competition by iioannz
The Last Virgin Standing - One Ioan
The Last Virgin Standing different ending for the one shot competition of the original author.
One Shot: TLVS by hawt_herondale
One Shot: TLVSby Hawt Herondale
One shot for The Last Virgin Standing by @laughterandjynx
Charlotte and Tyler. ONE SHOT by secretlymejane
Charlotte and Tyler. ONE SHOTby secretlymejane
Just a fan writing a fanfic relating to TLVS
The Truth .... by PureLexi
The Truth PureLexi
okay 1st poem to publish I'm not great, but give me a chance. no hate please
•••Fantasies Are Never Meant To Be Real ||√ by Thatgirl_Aya
•••Fantasies Are Never Meant To Thatgirl_Aya
Just some stuff I wanna talk about and take off my chest
The whole story in one chapter by danaelizbeth
The whole story in one chapterby danaelizbeth
DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT A NEW STORY. This is just my first story "Charlotte and Tyler: The Happy Couple." copied into one chapter because thats what is require...
Lovers Forever | Scourge×Ashfur | by AphmauandAaron3
Lovers Forever | Scourge×Ashfur |by Scourge×Ashfur
Two male cats one is from thunderclan and the other is Leader of Bloodclan they meet and they start to catch feelings for each other
Becketts P.O.V. by TheSecretCritic
Becketts Chase ✨
One shot entry for The Last Virgin Standing. Beckett's P.O.V.