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Unlucky (Fruits basket fanfic) by theanswertolifeis42
Unlucky (Fruits basket fanfic)by yeet
Yuki and Kyo both struggle with theirs feelings for Tohru, while Tohru is growing increasingly tired of their fighting. Then Tohru discovers a lump in her breast... ...
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Kitten (Kyo x Tohru) Fruits Basket (2019) by Kaoru_Hitachiin04
Kitten (Kyo x Tohru) Fruits Kaoru Hitachiin
{COMPLETED} [Is currently being edited] Yuki becomes furious once he finds out Tohru is pregnant with Kyo's child. Kyo is worried that the child will turn out to be a ca...
Lost by Nibbles-is-cute
Lostby *Munchy-is-cute*
(Fruits Basket Fanfiction)After Tohru tries to convince Akito to break the curse. She falls off a cliff and also loses all of her memories. This includes the wonderful m...
Excess Paint-{Tohru x Kyo FanFic}- by _RandomKitten_
Excess Paint-{Tohru x Kyo FanFic}-by ♍️Meep♎️
In this FanFic there is no curse, or the zodiac curse at least. In this world you see in black and white till you meet that person that was suclptered for you. Tohru Hon...
You Make Me (KyoxTohru) (fruits basket) by ouranmoron
You Make Me (KyoxTohru) (fruits ouranmoron
Fruits Basket Oneshot Kyo x Tohru Rated T Mild M rated suggested themes Just some KyoTohru fluff for all fans of fruits basket :]
Fruits basket ~Tohru x Kyo by kath_nicolas
Fruits basket ~Tohru x Kyoby kath_nicolas
well this is my first time writing a fanfiction but i will do my best!!
Orange The Color Of My Heart ( Kyo X Tohru) by Senpaimeowmeowchan
Orange The Color Of My Heart ( Senpaimeowmeowchan
This is basically the same as the other one but I'm restarting due to complications publishing
Just The Same (a Fruits Basket Fanfic) by ouranmoron
Just The Same (a Fruits Basket ouranmoron
Fruits Basket Fanfiction KyoxTohru Rated: T What if Kyo wasn't the only being on earth who had the abilities to become a cat? What if Tohru also held this ability..? O...
Kyo x Tohru - Unparalleled In Your World [Fruits Basket Fanfiction] by infinite_hunter
Kyo x Tohru - Unparalleled In GiyuShino 🌊🦋
Following her mother's death, Tohru gets in an accident but fate changes its coarse, thanks to a magical red beaded bracelet her mother gave to her as a child. She wakes...
Cat Confessions by whimsyprince
Cat Confessionsby thirsty
This is just a small Kyo x Tohru fic I wrote a while ago for my friend ^_^ Please tell me if you enjoyed it! Also the cover was made by mimisempai from DeviantArt
Morning Breakfast. (Kyo x Tohru) by kittynyannyan
Morning Breakfast. (Kyo x Tohru)by certified weeb
I've gone through 3 anime phases this year: Saiki K, Demon Slayer, and now currently Fruits Basket. The story is too cute i just had to, and I'm still triggered over the...
Honda Hanako  Hatsuharu x Hanako by Author-Chan12
Honda Hanako Hatsuharu x Hanakoby MeiMei
In this Au, Rin died after getting pushed off of the building...😅 Honda Hanako is a teenage girl who hardens her heart after her mom died. She is older than Tohru by 6...
"I Wish I Could Hug You" Tohru x Kyo (Fruits Basket) by shikito123
"I Wish I Could Hug You" Tohru x Shikito Randall
I dont own the characters or the show obviouslyyyy. I wrote this story for a friend and hell why not let other people read it. Kyo like Tohru, that much is clear. He r...
The Plum on the back of your Onigiri (a Fruits Basket Fanfiction) by ouranmoron
The Plum on the back of your ouranmoron
Fruits Basket TohruxKyo A story of Tohru and Kyo's relationship set in a highschool setting. Without the zodiac curse.
Cursed cats diary ((kyo x Tohru)) by QueenMonokuma11
Cursed cats diary ((kyo x Tohru))by 𝗘𝗹𝗹𝗶𝗲 :)
He had fallen for her, no doubt about that. The time he had left fading into nothing, his confinement awaiting him. Punishment for merely being possessed awaited him. Is...
Could this be Freedom? (A Fruits Basket fanfiction) by StuckInDreams
Could this be Freedom? (A Fruits PM
Sequel of the Fruits Basket manga, narrating the beggining of our characters' new life.
Kyo x Tohru (Flash Fanfiction) by UsaChan97
Kyo x Tohru (Flash Fanfiction)by Jaden
Kyo visits an injured Kazuma in the hospital and encounters Tohru, a newbie nurse. This was a short little piece I wrote in 15 minutes based on a randomly generated fand...
Kyo et sa femme de sa vie by natsunalu17
Kyo et sa femme de sa vieby Hauru chihiro
Je m'appelle Tohru Honda j'ai quitté la maison de Shigure pendant la nuit. personne ma vue partir cette nuit la. je suis partie cher mon grand père. je voie souvent saki...
Angel With a Red Coat by whimsyprince
Angel With a Red Coatby thirsty
Yah so like, punk Kyo (i'm not rlly sure, it's late). Yah, Kyo x Tohru! //possible self harm and suicidal thoughts triggers// Cover by my friend Eve!
You and Me Forever (Tohru x Shigure x Yuki x Kyo) by caliwuwu
You and Me Forever (Tohru x Calista Wilson
You play as Tohru Honda as you try to figure out exactly who you love. Do you love Kyo, Yuki, or Shigure? You get to choose in this game of love.