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Stranger | Taka by Emlynie
Stranger | Takaby Emlynie
Who knew a 5 day trip to Japan would make a fangirl's dream come true? And that dream is meeting her favorite idol, but she doesn't even know it's him―Taka from ONE OK R...
CLANNAD: From the Past (Old) by BufuuEgypt
CLANNAD: From the Past (Old)by BufuuEgypt
(This story version is discontinued. Go read the rewrite instead.) Kimura Sakura had a troubling past growing up, and had spent her years aimlessly with no change after...
The Path Back to You by Rin10969
The Path Back to Youby Rin
Sequel to "Your Name" After 5 years of being apart, Taka and Toru met again. Taka has not but a residue of his old self. Will those fragments allow Toru to exp...
•gakuen babysitters | one shots• by bish_is_ya_girl
•gakuen babysitters | one shots•by me is an idiot
So ummmmm in wattpad they dont really make one shots of gakuen babysitters so im now making one :>
Too Cute! by maki_neko7
Too Cute!by Maki Nekomata
{Anime: School Babysitters} [Y/n] and her little brother, Hinata, never really knew their parents. But, they still received the unconditional love from their grandmothe...
Mimicking Love [Clannad] by JoannaNikolakakos
Mimicking Love [Clannad]by Spooky Cookie
Written for the #CurtainCall contest. Nagisa Furukawa, a senior at Hikarizaka Private High School, wants to perform the musical West Side Story with the newly formed d...
After Story: Determination by Magnus_Prime
After Story: Determinationby Magnus_Prime
An 'After' story based on Tomoyo's route from the VN 'Clannad'. Two reformed delinquents continue to struggle to overcome their pasts to create a future together.
Flashback {Toruka} by Rin10969
Flashback {Toruka}by Rin
■Toruka one-shots; not related ■This book contains some Toruka one-shots. The two love birds in their happy and sad times,helping each other through pain and trouble,or...
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SUPER★DRAGON profile by limerly
SUPER★DRAGON profileby limerly
Super★Dragon is really cool and I hope more people would get to know them. Hope you enjoy it.
The Beginning (English Version) by EzimOOR19
The Beginning (English Version)by EzimOOR19
Content The successful japanese rock band "One Ok Rock" stands before their first world tour and at the same time before a seemingbar unsolvable problem. Takah...
Silenced (A Clannad story) by THWithMFZ
Silenced (A Clannad story)by MFZ
"He didn't chose to be silent, he was silenced by the world." Grey hair and eyes, pale skin. The boy's name was Fusaka kiyoshi. Will he able to normalize after...
Alternate Canon: Kyou by Magnus_Prime
Alternate Canon: Kyouby Magnus_Prime
Having finally taken responsibility for his daughter, Tomoya still has another relationship that needs work...
Until the Last Star Above Us Dies by Rin10969
Until the Last Star Above Us Diesby Rin
Toru and Taka's love story is what you call a perfect one. They've known they are destined ever since they held hands back in the sand box when they were merely todlers...
One Ok Rock Oneshots by goxismsmx
One Ok Rock Oneshotsby DEAD
Various One Ok Rock Oneshots.
Slice of Life by Magnus_Prime
Slice of Lifeby Magnus_Prime
A tragic loss in the Furukawa family forces Tomoya to leave his old self behind and take hold of a new future.
After Story: Conclusion by Magnus_Prime
After Story: Conclusionby Magnus_Prime
An 'After Story' based on the canonical route from the VN 'Clannad'. Summary intentionally withheld; please read my other After Story fanworks FIRST for context.
Anime Journal by KrispyKrep
Anime Journalby Hikari
My thoughts on the anime I watched. This is my opinion only.
ㅏ Matsunaga Tomoya [x] Reader ㅓ by Yamehte
ㅏ Matsunaga Tomoya [x] Reader ㅓby Yamehte
You and Matsunaga have to share a room, however you always had hatred towards men ever since that day you were betrayed by Naomi. [Ongoing]
A Spell of Good Fortune by Magnus_Prime
A Spell of Good Fortuneby Magnus_Prime
A 'What-If' scenario. In Yukine's route in the VN, Tomoya could end up trapped in the gym shed with one of many different other characters, including Kyou, Nagisa, and A...