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Never Trust A Snake by IMMORTUOSNOCTEM
Harry Potter's life was never truly a happy one, neglected by his parents, sent away to live with abusive muggles at 5 but it wasn't always like this. What if Harry Pott...
Harry Potters early inheritance by Themysteriouschild1
Harry Potters early inheritanceby Themysteriouschild1
Betrayed by the light, Harry embraces the darkness within him. He seeks out shelter of his once sworn enemy. Lord Voldemort or otherwise known as Tom Riddle. He fights w...
Who are you (A Solangelo soulmate AU) by Atremisravenclaw
Who are you (A Solangelo solangelo shipper
This is a story where when you and your soulmate are over the age of 15, you can here eachothers thoughts. This will focus on Solangelo and there will be mentions of oth...