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My Mate by TrasheGrl
My Mateby Liyah
BxB --------- Torin Frey has a crush. With his eighteenth birthday right around the corner, he'll soon be able to identify his Mate. Hopefully it's the male he's always...
The Flipside (A Fortnite Story) by FlyingBoxMan
The Flipside (A Fortnite Story)by FlyingBoxMan
NOTE: This is a Continuation of My Previous Two Stories, "Cubed" And "The Convergence" And I highly Recommend you go read them first, anyway Enjoy!
Until Elliot-Marie by abundantlyalone
Until Elliot-Marieby Charlotte Holmes
After the great war, humans and werewolves began to learn to coexist. They started what soon became the era of peace. Humans lived in certain areas and werewolves found...
The Convergence (A Fortnite Story) by FlyingBoxMan
The Convergence (A Fortnite Story)by FlyingBoxMan
This Story Is A Continuation of Cubed, Which I highly Recommend you Read that First But anyway, Enjoy!
Izuku The Real Deathryuger by marvellover356
Izuku The Real Deathryugerby Kamenrider10
(So this used to be about my version of the Talon Ranger, but I decided to change this story to a female cast of Kyoryuger and him. He'll be pretty dense and psychotic...
Konn Torin backstory by oogracie
Konn Torin backstoryby oogracie
I had to write this for school and I like how it turned out so I thought i'd post it. It is just a back story I made up about a character from the lunar chronicles.
Begin Again by auntkambam
Begin Againby auntkambam
This story is about Torin. It is the sequel to New Beginnings and Untamed. There will be a few new faces in int as well as a few familiar ones. This story begins shortly...
Once Upon Another Lifetime by StardustAndCosmic
Once Upon Another Lifetimeby midnightsnapdragon
"The entire bloodline, every last one of them has been greedy, violent, corrupted by their own power. Believe me when I say that Princess Selene, even if she were a...
Cinder's Story: a Lunar Chronicles Fanfic by Tohabath
Cinder's Story: a Lunar Jay Tohab
A Parody Abridgement to Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles #1), by Marissa Meyer. Your favorite fairy-tale friends are at it again- this time, in SPACE! Join Marissa Meyer's m...
A Guide to Channelling  by whatisherface
A Guide to Channelling by whatsherface
Imagine a world were mind reading is possible. For Rory it is. Thrown into a world of Channellers and deceit, Rory must learn how to harness the "special ability&qu...
Terin's Bible  by -conceitedmaloley
Terin's Bible by -', hoes ,'-
Hoes like us need Jesus
Exigent by Emmers0220
Exigentby Emilee Hanson
** Updated every Friday ** There has never been such a thing as normal, at least that's what twenty year old Sera Broughtner is slowly finding out. In one night Sera lea...
A Coalition Story by sexyrasputin
A Coalition Storyby sexyrasputin
"Ravyn, I don't even know if I'm into guys," Cal whispered harshly. "Torin isn't a guy, he's a man, and you're into him," the willowy girl insisted...
Die Hüter (RP) by Sammyleinx
Die Hüter (RP)by Sammyleinx
Einst waren die Hüter Normale Lebewesen wie alle anderen auch. Hatten ein Leben. Alle 50 Jahre wird ein Neuer Hüter erwählt. Es sei denn ein Hüter aus dem Aktuellen Zirk...
Monster by Ken21eeeee
Monsterby Kenzie
The world can be an awful place, with stories of make belief creatures who are said to be the monsters of our world. But to Lila King it seems the only monsters she sho...
I'm good at lying, but he can tell when I lie.....