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Villain to Hero{COMPLETE} by Headcannons
Villain to Hero{COMPLETE}by Misty the mess
Midoriya has been turned into a villain and it's his boyfriend's job to take him back before it's too late It's been re-written
NANNY AFFAIR by Rinelexxy
NANNY AFFAIRby Dorine O. Lexxy
"YOU ARE MINE , LIKE IT OR NOT." Mr. Maximilian is the type of guy who does not take a "no" for an answer lightly. His anger issues are worse compar...
How To Break A Dragon's Hero by theshipper101
How To Break A Dragon's Heroby Fanfiction Addiction
Hiccup is struggling to take his father's place as chief of Berk. The village is weak and vurnerable. This means that it can be easily fortified by some unwanted and alm...
The Mafia Principessa  by Hellotherebooks
The Mafia Principessa by Hellotherebooks
( Finished 🎉 ) ( Age gap ) Jasmine Ross is a 4 year old girl. She kind, sweet, gentle and beautiful, but dose not have a good childhood, she been abused by her aunt Iri...
Winter Widow by cieve50booklibrary
Winter Widowby cieve50booklibrary
How far would you go to survive? How far could anyone go? When a child is stolen to be taken to an organisation and pushed to the breaking point and further. ~~~~~~~~~~~...
Toxic BxBxBxBxBxB by squeezepotato
Toxic BxBxBxBxBxBby Willow Ellis
A young 21 year old boy is about to go to college when he bumps into the wrong crowd, but little did he know they took an interest in him. But when he didn't show any fe...
Toxic Four You  by vndctvv
Toxic Four You by vndctvv
Baby just read 🩷
Hannan by Hannatullah
Hannanby HanneeBegum
Hannan Rajab is a teenage Nigerian Muslim girl, who is broken hearted. She was betrayed by her only love Jafar Hafiz. Who broke her heart on their high school graduation...
Not quite the world you know. by I-am-tardis-locked
Not quite the world you I-am-tardis-locked
Super-omens!!! Alright this is my first supernatural fanfic, I wrote a good omens one just recently. The Winchester boys had hear rumours of a yellow eyed demon in close...
Just Us by SupremeUchiha
Just Usby Supreme Uchiha
This takes place before Resident Evil Village (8). I don't own Resident Evil
Mafia's Babyboy teakook ff  by fluffysnxwball
Mafia's Babyboy teakook ff by Kim young ji
Hi this is my new teakook ff so I hope you like it plz support me and ingnore my mistakes because English is not my first language I have no bad intentions so if you are...
Robin and the Avengers  by JayH00D
Robin and the Avengers by Jadeyn
Robin (Dick Grayson) is kidnapped by the Joker, who has stolen a interdementional teleportation machine. What happens when the Joker sends Robin to another demension. Wh...
hiccstrid run away by mdjw2000
hiccstrid run awayby mdjw2000
this is a story about hiccup running away when he had to kill the monstrous nightmare. i know that a lot of these storys start the same way but i'm now changing what hap...
In Control by Moderraty
In Controlby Moderraty
It's about "Jane" the new engineer coming to company the story about Master/Slave relationship hope you enjoy it.
It'll be Over Soon by hpspirit
It'll be Over Soonby hpspirit
Peter has gotten himself into some pretty deep shit for Tony Stark, but this one Tony didn't know if he could live with, knowing it was his fault. Now Tony has to find...
Endless Thoughts by uwulee
Endless Thoughtsby Mae <3
The thoughts and memories of the salted love that one receives when all she ever wanted was just love, care, support, and unconditional love that just endlessly feel saf...
The Alpha Female's Rejected Mate by phoenix4762
The Alpha Female's Rejected Mateby phoenix4762
Just when I thought that my life couldn't get any shittier it turns out that the Moon Goddess really does hate my fucking guts. Why did my mate have to be her? Sara Ston...
I Will Find You...///KiriBaku by anime-has-ruined-me
I Will Find You...///KiriBakuby Averie
Kirishima didn't show up to class one day. Bakugo tries to call him, but he doesn't get any response. What happened to the boy he loves? This is an AU with quirks, but n...
Pain  by worldofstories200
Pain by World of Stories
Story after kawad yatra based on P.S with a twist. What if raavi realise the difference between them in their relationship and thought to give a try to mend it but befor...
I'm Lost With Out You by gabenathlover
I'm Lost With Out Youby 💜Gabenath💜
Nathalie sacrifices herself for the Agrestes. What will Gabriel do to get her back and what happens to Nathalie durring the time shes in captivity. TW: abuse, kidnapped...