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IDGAF by thisbejaja
IDGAFby thisbejaja
in·fat·u·a·tion • /inˌfaCHəˈwāSH(ə)n/ a feeling of foolish or obsessively strong love for, admiration for, or interest in someone or something
masked-(eren j. x fem! reader) by funnyfairies
masked-(eren j. x fem! reader)by reece
after returning from a much needed break, y/n l/n decides to let loose for once. being invited to a concert isn't what she planned, but she goes for it. she doesn't expe...
Notorious❗ by OhSheRllyHer
Notorious❗by OhSheRllyHer
Let's find out if a notorious hood nigga, with (DID)Dissociative identity disorder can fall in love with a"innocent".smart mouth girl with Intermittent Explosi...
Tainted  by GalacticComet
Tainted by GalacticComet
His paintings were worshipped all around the globe . They were unlike anything seen before . No one knew how to replicate his technique or even his paintings. He was a...
Teen love/parents. | M.P  by jerseybois21
Teen love/parents. | M.P by Mattiastbh 💀✨
This is discontinued I quit lmao
TOXIC; jra ✓ by TGTATB0
TOXIC; jra ✓by 𝑹
⋆ ˚₊ 🪩 ✩ TOXIC ⠀⠀⠀ i'm which, after meeting at a party, she finds it hard to break old habits, leaving him unsatisfied but wanting more ⠀⠀⠀ 15 / 08 / 21 - 29 / 10...
His - dd Osama  by OYORNOYddosama
His - dd Osama by ...........
He claimed me. I'm HIS now. He's like a third parent. He's controlling controlling who I talk to what I wear and what I can and can't do. (Book is just started)
Poison  by loveforlay
Poison by Love for Laii
Carter forces Imani into his rich lifestyle but she doesn't enjoy as she faces racism from his family and friends and gets worse as she feels alone because Carter is men...
DOWN B!TCH by deadheatbitch
DOWN B!TCHby deadyyyy
"that's my lil baby dat don't listen " ®️ read it hoe , just read it 🥰
Escaping Ethan's Clutches (Ruining Innocence Vol 1) by shaziyakhanwrites
Escaping Ethan's Clutches ( Shaziya Khan
Trigger warning: violence, sexual abuse, physical abuse, racism, substance abuse, and self-harm. HE WAS UNHINGED; SHE WAS HIS ELIXIR. HE WAS ADDICTED; SHE WAS HIS DRUG...
KIAN by mehulbhatt8
KIANby babyblue
What happens when fate brings her ex back into her life with a forbidden secret and danger? Mia is scared of commitments due to her toxic past relationship. Kian, her ex...
The Sweetest Seduction- Natasha x Wanda x Reader one shots  by ejsstories
The Sweetest Seduction- Natasha ELLE
One shots Reader x Natasha Reader x Wanda and Reader x Wanda x Natasha open for requests :) i'm trying to make sure the reader has as little description as possible bu...
အငယ်အနှောင်း(or)Ma Yarr Ngl by Ocen_kue
အငယ်အနှောင်း(or)Ma Yarr Nglby Ocean Kue
မင်းသမီးကပဲဖောက်ပြန်ခံနေရတဲ့ဇာတ်လမ်းတွေရိုးနေခဲ့ရင် တစ်မျိုးလေးပြောင်းဖတ်ကြည့်ကြပါ။မင်းသမီးကမယားငယ်နေရာကနေပေါ့...အရမ်းလောင်ဖို့တော့မစီစဥ်ထားပါဘူး။အခြေအနေအရပေါ့...
⋆ ˚₊ 🪩 ✩ WONDERLAND ⠀⠀⠀ in which, they spend their time finding all the wonderful moments in life ⠀⠀⠀ 20 / 05 / 23 - 00 / 00 / 00 . . ᥫ᭡
Taehyung and Jungkook have been together for 2 years. They were the couple everyone enjoyed seeing. They where like match mates from heaven. Jungkook and Taehyung are...
TOXIC. {Angelina Jolie/You} by lliirio
TOXIC. {Angelina Jolie/You}by 𝕁𝕠𝕝𝕚𝕖𝕤𝕎𝕚𝕗𝕖
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are filming for their movie 'by the sea' in your french home town, you instantly fall for Angie but that would be wrong... Right? Angelina J...
Broken mind by jurneylifesblog
Broken mindby jurneylifesblog
A bit of pain, breakdown, illness, love. what if.... Macaque manages to take Wukong's place on the journey. Wukong is imprisoned. A bit of torture, breakdown, and so man...
Arranged Marriage To A Obsessive Psychopathic Mafia Boss [TAEKOOK] by JinHit_forever
Arranged Marriage To A Obsessive JinHit_forever
Kim Taehyung, a passionate and outgoing individual who once had a cheerful mindset, fell into the arms of a Psychopathic Mafia boss of Seoul, Korea by an arranged marria...