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insanity supremacy my guy 👹 by S3rratedShadow
insanity supremacy my guy 👹by Shadow
GO READ "help i need therapy i'm going insane" AND "im going crazy but it's FINE" FIRST PLEASE IT'LL MAKE SO MUCH MORE SENSE this book is the result...
Just Because  by adaleeguinn
Just Because by adaleeguinn
Alla and her guy best friend Ollie are just 2 teens messing around desperate to survive everything but when a new girl comes to town could it cause problems?
Enby Survival Mode by Lost_In_Ur_Mind
Enby Survival Modeby Lost_In_Ur_Mind
Surviving as a nonbinary person... (I'm sh*t at english btw)
Dandelions {BXB} by Ididntevenleeknow
Dandelions {BXB}by I can't-
Kian is a sweet boy; who has many problems to face. He is basically forced to go to college. Where he meets one of his dormmates that is known to be 'dangerous.' He con...
30 Day LGBT+ Challenge by Itss_ryless
30 Day LGBT+ Challengeby Itss_ryless
inspired by: @Quack- who did this challenge before me <33 no.8 in #30daychallenge [02/06/22] no.300 in #lgbtpride [03/06/22] no. 239 in #trans [06/09/22] THANK Y'ALL...
Story of My Life by rapsquack
Story of My Lifeby raps
I'm Will Li, just a random seventeen year old trying to survive. My Crazy Life™, punctuated by whatever the hell is going on in my brain. Yeah, it's complete chaos. Yeah...
Average teen romance novel  by overrated_weeb
Average teen romance novel by The non-binary fairy
Mason is a normal queer teenager who gets sent to a sleepaway camp by his guardian lisa. Things get a bit crazy when he meets his "bunk buddies" but things wo...
Transiton  by GenerictobeBoy
Transiton by GenerictobeBoy
a story about a transition from femal to male
Jeremy by PocketIWatch
Jeremyby PøcketWatch
Jeremy is just a normal guy, but there was something that changed his life for the better. With his mother in full support, he goes through his normal life and heads int...
this isn't right/ trans tommy au by cloudywas_here
this isn't right/ trans tommy auby cloudywas_here
this contains no ships containing minors this is a trans au good luck with my shit writing enjoy if you can art not mine if anyone know who made this pls tell me so i ca...
Molly: A Social Anomaly by TG-Lass
Molly: A Social Anomalyby Lady E
The sequel to M(Ollie), the main character has come out as the girl she has always kept hidden. One day into her new life at her same old school, one thing is clear. Eve...
dysphoria//ftm// by alecqz
dysphoria//ftm//by alec
what happens when an ftm male moves in with his 2 cis friends then ends up falling for one of them? bitch idk and I'm the one writing it
Foreign Feelinng by thatAAAbattery
Foreign Feelinngby Nox
There is a clear lack of representation, recognition, and safe spaces for aromantic/asexuals. Due to this, I have prompted myself to write this to those who need it. You...
Knee Deep at ATP by blue_honeyblood
Knee Deep at ATPby Jay Scott
"Maybe the lining of a winter's coat mightn't be the best place to hide a summer secret"
Pride Month Oneshot And Incorrect Quotes And Fanarts 2022 by FiZzYfOrLiFeBiTcH
Pride Month Oneshot And SaNaAlLhInDiNaReJeCtEd🌈
Hello Pride Month is tomorrow so request in comment section! #5 Fizzy 06/12/22 #3 Fizzy 06/12/22 #4 Fizzy 6/20/22
Pride 2022: Gaylor Swift's Version by Irhaboggler
Pride 2022: Gaylor Swift's Versionby Irhaboggler
IDK bout you, but I'm feelin 2022! And I know I skipped out on last year (mental health stuff), but now, I come back stronger than a 90s trend, LOL! If anyone thinks thi...
Trans June One-Shots by Historyguy91
Trans June One-Shotsby Historyguy91
A collection of trans one shots for June.
Pride Shorts by xCoffeeLORDx
Pride Shortsby Happy Pride ❤
Short stories about and for the lgbtq+ community. This isn't just for pride month, you can read it all year long. Everyone is loved and valid! (If you want to put your...
Rants by Togahimiko12345
Rantsby Togahimiko12345
Just me ranting you can read it if you would like or don't. It may have some venting so fair warning.