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Let's Just Follow The Story For Now by MissQ6
Let's Just Follow The Story For Nowby Miss Q
Mikhail who suddenly woken up to be in the body of side character's name Leon Fronti from the Novel [Truth Dragon Slayer] decide to stay low and let the story flow the w...
The Demon Queen's Knight by Shipping_lord2000
The Demon Queen's Knightby Shipping_lord2000
Yuuto Yamazaki is normal highschool student but after dying while saving the person he likes the goddess called creator chose him to be the one who will bring peace to a...
Philippine President And Her Country Got Isekai'd!? by KeiShiroga
Philippine President And Her KeiShiroga
WARNING! Two sites have plagiarized my work without my permission. This story goes beyond realism and common sense. Volume 1- Interactions With The Unknown World Volume...
༻Reincarnation Exists?༺ by IAMNOTSUSOKAY
༻Reincarnation Exists?༺by LoxieeLikesEntertainment
The Mc(Main character) Dies and was given a chance to live in another world, only to find out that they were no longer a human, but a skeleton, inside a crib? {Slow Upda...
Percy Jackson: The son Of Primus by owen2su
Percy Jackson: The son Of Primusby gundam fan
Percy and Annabeth have been sent to find a demigod, and bring him to camp but what they got involved with is more then they bargained for.
My R (Journey)  by CoffeeHeather
My R (Journey) by Fire and Ice
"Hey don't do it please..." a male voice said as he saw a person near the edge of the roof. ⚠️ Characters does not belong to me.
REINCARNATED  by Lunary_Goddess12
REINCARNATED by Lunarlyeclypes
Sofia Ray was just a normal girl with just normal life, though she is contented with this life. Unfortunately she got hit by a truck while she's crossing the road causin...
The Star Sapphire Of Paris  by m4101542
The Star Sapphire Of Paris by Maria G Soto
Maria Guadalupe Wayne, daughter of Bruce and Carmen Wayne was choosen to become a Star Sapphire (choose to become the Queen of Zamaron) and become the guardian of the la...
My Feelings For You (Loving Him Series #1) by laiii_mae
My Feelings For You (Loving Him Glaiza Mae
"Sa paanong paraan ko mapapahinto ang nararamdaman ko para sa kaniya? Dahil wala naman akong karapatang agawin siya." ~Maria Dana Dela Vega~ Tunghayan natin an...
ghost town / bnha by badformat
ghost town / bnhaby superstar
DISCONTINUED! a girl that can see ghost sets out on her adventure to become a hero; ( but with a few undead companions along the way. ) bnha x reader ( NON HAREM ) -cov...
My Journey To An Indian HighSchool by lazy_sane
My Journey To An Indian HighSchoolby Yuvi
!!New Life, New lessons!! "Growth and comfort do not coexist" Katie Buffett got mollycoddled her entire life. Blessed with dotting rich parents, a...
The Fire God Dragon of DxD by davis8318
The Fire God Dragon of DxDby The evil Saiyan! Cumber!
when Ignia was done telling natsu to get stronger and in his dragon state went back through the sky he came from to get natsu.But something was different he wasn't in hi...
Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V The Rise Of Dimension by Zainimator
Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V The Rise Of Zainimator
[On Hiatus] I'm Sorry if this story of mine might be bad, because this is my first story, and also I'm bad at English. so let's the begin the story.and I love this. Scre...
Nowhere Boys and Their Nowhere Girl (Felix Ferne FanFiction) by Dying_Fire_Lives
Nowhere Boys and Their Nowhere Full Fledged Weeaboo
Blake Wesley was not your average girl. She was a witch. When she gets lost with four boys on a trip in the forest, they assume everything will be fine. But when the ret...
the Transfur Infection 1; Facility of Redemption. by Cloudystarstudios
the Transfur Infection 1; {Cloudystarstudios}
((This is not based off of any zombie game!!)) Two girls, Anaya and Sarah, get trapped in a facility. Will they survive the Facility of Redemption? Or die..? Read to fin...
Unexpected {BTS} by DEREK43
Unexpected {BTS}by DEREK
Mom: "Honey, go help your step brother unload his stuff" "Wait, I hAVE A STEPBRO!?" Mom: "You do now"
King crimson X Bnha the power of time by ChrolloEnjoyeer
King crimson X Bnha the power of Dank Doom
A group of outlaws has been forced to Join the U.A, back in their country they were like gangsters but they escaped to Japan since it's the only state without extraditio...
Switched Up! (Kacchako Fanfic) by CrazyCreze
Switched Up! (Kacchako Fanfic)by You-Know-Who
The good girl digusing herself as a delinquent, and a bad boy wanting to be a good student, I mean what could exactly go wrong right? A random story of twist and turns...
Chain Chronicle, The Light of Haecceitas; "Why am I Aram?" by Oletus
Chain Chronicle, The Light of Joseph Gray
The Story of the Chain Chronicle, a book that describes everything in the world. The citizen of the remote continent of Yggd once thought that there was nothing beyond t...
[🔮] The Villainess Story [🔮] ( On-Hold ) by Christine_Emily
[🔮] The Villainess Story [🔮] ( Blue_Claire12
There was once an otome game named <•> The Queen of Everything <•> °Story about a commoner girl succede to enter the rich academy called {○} Mistic Harmony {...