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Exchange For a Year by rosies_writing_zone
Exchange For a Yearby Shaina
Aphmau is an exchange student from Spain to America for a whole year. At first Aphmau is not looking forward to it but when she arrives, she meets this wacky group of pe...
BITTERSWEET by fallentribute
BITTERSWEETby kate (niall's version)
[sequel to zane, meet the ashida family] ❝It can't get much worse, can it?❞ Zane, Nana, Aphmau, Aaron and the rest of the Mystreet crew, are going to Kawaii Kyushu Par...
Remembering You (Travlyn) by iiSherberty
Remembering You (Travlyn)by Attack on Trash
For Katelyn. For Katelyn. For Katelyn...who's Katelyn? Why does my hear hurt? Why...why can't I remember?
A real CATCH (Garroth x Reader) by fanficceteral
A real CATCH (Garroth x Reader)by avacado
Y/N, a talented softball pitcher, joins her junior year of Highschool in a new school because of a scholarship. By chance her internet bestfriend, Katelyn, goes to that...
Our Happily Ever After by AstridTJC
Our Happily Ever Afterby AstridTJC
After Starlight where all hell happened six months have pasted and Aphmau and Travis are still with GF trying to find out how they were able to go into their bizarre for...
Zane~Chan Fluff One-Shots - //After Starlight// by SevenWritesStuff
Zane~Chan Fluff One-Shots - // Superstitious Seven
Zane and Nana are back home from the crazy ride of Starlight Wonderland, with a few bruises and memories they won't ever forget. Safe from the Guardian Forces, they try...
ZANE, MEET THE ASHIDA FAMILYby kate (niall's version)
❝How bad can it possibly be?❞ It's that time of year again. The snow's falling, Christmas decorations are up and everyone's in the holiday spirit. Nana has a big questi...
Blue Angel (Mystreet Fanfic) by The_Amber_Fist
Blue Angel (Mystreet Fanfic)by The_Amber_Fist
After Katelyn is killed during the battle against Michael, it seems things will never be the same. But when she's found and healed by Elizabeth, it turns out she's not a...
I'll Always Love You: A Travlyn (Travis x Katelyn) Story {COMPLETED} by AaNnNnAaIiRrAa
I'll Always Love You: A Travlyn ( AaNnNnAaIiRrAa
(This story takes place in the timeline after the events of Season 6) Travis and Katelyn are finally happy that they're together as they are now boyfriend and girlfriend...
Top Dog (Garroth X Reader) [Book Two] by fanficceteral
Top Dog (Garroth X Reader) [Book avacado
Serenely, Y/N and Garroth had sworn to each other that they would stay away from drama sworn individuals like Ivy and Gene. The promise seemed relatively easy to accompl...
Mine (Aarmau Fanfiction 2) ✔ by FanInfernoNethy
Mine (Aarmau Fanfiction 2) ✔by Inferno Nethy 2
Welcome to Mystreet21! Aphmau finished college and moved in her first official home! With the end of college, Aphmau wanted nothing more than to relax and have a peacef...
Aphmau: Mystreet-After Starlight {COMPLETED} by AaNnNnAaIiRrAa
Aphmau: Mystreet-After Starlight { AaNnNnAaIiRrAa
After the events of what happened in Starlight, it was time for everyone to get back home. Although, questions still remain: Will Aaron retrieve his memories and sense o...
You're My Medicine ~Aarmau AU~ UNDER EDITING by CrystalXStudios
You're My Medicine ~Aarmau AU~ Queen Of Darkness
Highest Ranking : #1 in Aarmau. #7 in Travlyn My person. What does it mean to be someone's person? Their rock? Their love? Such a deep connection, such a poignant bond...
|| Zane~Chan || The unexpected love... by CriminalHat
|| Zane~Chan || The unexpected CriminalHat
Zane is now the leader of the Shadow Knights and is already a troublemaker. The principal decides that he has to learn how to behave. The principal asks Kawaii~Chan to d...
Aphmau One~shots by FreeFlyer68
Aphmau One~shotsby FreeFlyer68
These are stories/situations about you being on Mystreet, Love~Love Paradise, all the Aphmau role-play's!!! Also including ships like Garmau, Laurmau, Zene, Travlin, and...
⇢ Aphmau Zodiac Signs || by mocheii
⇢ Aphmau Zodiac Signs ||by ❝ 지국 ❞
Just something to do when you're bored :3 Any suggestions are appreciated! (Lovely cosplayer in the cover is Kingmalus! Find her on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter - she...
After Starlight Wonderland | Aarmau AU Fanfic {Completed} by Cresszelda
After Starlight Wonderland | Cresszelda
This story takes place when Aphmau, Aaron and everyone else gets back from Starlight. Some friendly and not so friendly faces will return, so get ready for some drama! I...
The Race (Check out the rewrite) by Marvelhero_red
The Race (Check out the rewrite)by Quinn Valez
Everyone has just came back from Starlight, and it's time to see how life back on the street will be after all the trama everyone has been through. What will happen? Goo...
Diaries Oneshots by KatCanWrite
Diaries Oneshotsby K
This book is filled with lots of MCD ships! This book is very appropriate, not much steamy stuff going on in here. No original characters or people not mentioned in the...
Aphmau Updates, Theories and Rants [KINDA DISCONTINUED] by aravenclawpotato
Aphmau Updates, Theories and A Piece Of Cornbread
[I don't really watch Aphmau anymore but I'm leaving this book up because I had a lot of fun times in this fandom. I also might come back to it if Aphmau continues Mystr...