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The assassin and the Princess (Fem Percy Jackson x Damian Wayne) by -astralis
The assassin and the Princess ( 𝐴.
✧˖*°࿐ ꒰ A little sneak peek ❜┊˚ ͙۪۪̥◌ Tidal stepped into the room. "Hello, nice to meet you. I'm Tidal, Wonder Woman's partner." she said. "Hello Tidal...
Son of The Olympian Sea God by PerseusJFAN1016
Son of The Olympian Sea Godby Peter John
Percy's mom disappears and he is left on a beach. Hera finds him and it is decided that he will be brought up by his father Poseidon.
Living With Complications  by SuperLordHero
Living With Complications by .
FanFiction. AU. Percy is doing his yearly tradition of spending his summer with his father and his family. Along the way there's an incident that affects Percy and his t...
Perseus Triton Grant Jackson  by Tyrus4life
Perseus Triton Grant Jackson by HannahGrace
Overprotective Poseidon and Triton
Perseus, God Of Natural Disasters by average_idiot567
Perseus, God Of Natural Disastersby Avi
It had been 7 years. 7 years since Apollo became a god once again. 7 years since Percy and Annabeth realised they didn't love each other, at least not THAT way. Everythi...
A new start (A Percy Jackson story) by marvel_pj_hp
A new start (A Percy Jackson story)by FandomWritter
Poseidon decides to check up on Percy at camp, where he finds him crying. He wants a real father/son relationship, will it work out? Will Triton and Amphitrite accept Pe...
Atlantis reads PJO by KevlarDiva
Atlantis reads PJOby Kevlar Diva
This story takes place after PJO and during HoO. Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson or any of the other characters from PJO or HoO or the plot of the books, it all b...
Wings and Tails by average_idiot567
Wings and Tailsby Avi
You would think being a death god would make for easy earnings. Well that is completely wrong. Thanatos does not find his job easy. Gathering souls was messy work. Wheth...
For the Love of Triton by Cheari
For the Love of Tritonby Cherie
He's the most sought after bachelor on Mount Olympus. Too bad the one who has him doesn't want to keep him. Sophie never believed in supernatural beings, until she saved...
The Prince Of The Sea - Book One by deathsdoors666
The Prince Of The Sea - Book Oneby deaths.doors666
When Percy's mother Sally turns abusive after his father leaves them, Percy finally has enough and runs away at the age of four. Forced to grow up faster then your norma...
How Poseidon became a father by percyOlympians657
How Poseidon became a fatherby percyOlympians657
Sally gives birth, but dies leaving her daughter with her abusive husband. Gabe never wanted a child, and good thing too cause it's not his, so he never took care of the...
Reading Percy Jackson with Gods and Demigods  by stories795
Reading Percy Jackson with Gods JGrewal
Percy Jackson and others are send 10 years before they were born. Now they are stuck there till they read all the books that are given to them with Gods. It takes place...
•REDAMANCY• by BerryBookishBell
•REDAMANCY•by Lady Peverell
redemancy (n.) the act of loving in return. In which the wizarding world watches about Amara Rasiel Potter's life and discover about another world Where they watch her g...
Poseidon's Daughter by Marykerose
Poseidon's Daughterby Marlaike
I woke up to the face of my new mother, reborn into the world of Percy Jackson. The firstborn daughter of Poseidon. And this world, this life is just the beginning, and...
Two Worlds (Male! Ariel x Reader) by OneArtsyGamer03
Two Worlds (Male! Ariel x Reader)by Sabrina ( ^◡^)
** COMPLETED ** When Caspian, the youngest child and only son of King Triton, saves you after a horrible shipwreck, he is horrified to learn you have forgotten all your...
Godly Avengers: Percy Jackson by Jakejakelovesu
Godly Avengers: Percy Jacksonby Overdramatic
In the war that even fates have to interfere with, Percy Jackson has to leave his temporary tranquility and join the odd group of super heroes, with a certain god of sun.
We will Help you by CookieMonster9688
We will Help youby CookieMonster9688
A accident happened over 13 years ago. What will happen if someone brings up the past and what if their friend is apart of that. What if he ends up missing? Percabeth st...
Animal Instincts: Infected Humanity *Book 1* (Ultimate Spider-Man *Cartoon*) by OfficialUSMWriter
Animal Instincts: Infected Mystery_Name
[Complete] Then he slowly turned around to face the horrified heroes. His bandages were bleeding through, leaving his wrists dripping with crimson red; staining the floo...
MASKS by anglevil
MASKSby Diana
When the worst's already happened, then there's nothing to fear anymore "When you're used to be strong for people it's hard to be vulnerable." "Probably m...
Blood of the Sea by Lilie0107
Blood of the Seaby Lilie0107
Have you ever wondered how children of the Sea came to receive their special powers? How it was possible to move water at will, talk to sea creatures or go as far as to...