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Forgotten // Hiatus by GenderPanic
Forgotten // Hiatusby Blueberry
Forgotten to his brother, forgotten by his parents. Harry Potter, the true boy who lived to be the savior of the Wizarding World, has to make the choice of whether or no...
Caught in a LIE ( Naruto Fanfiction )  by GodessOfCreation
Caught in a LIE ( Naruto GOC
Indra Uchiha is Sasuke's younger brother named after their ancestor. Due to his exceptional abilities he was put in a grade higher , being in the same class as Sasuke...
Simp | A Catradora au - Completed by tinyvenux
Simp | A Catradora au - Completedby Venux
Adora Gray is a 16-year-old female who has been obsessed with this one band called The Fright. Both of her friends Bow and Glimmer tease about it to her all the time. Ad...
A Hᴇᴀʀᴛ ᴏғ Gᴏʟᴅ (Hunter × male reader) by RandalTheGay
A Hᴇᴀʀᴛ ᴏғ Gᴏʟᴅ (Hunter × male Tweekrz
Y/n just recently joined the emperor's coven at the ripe age of 16, having graduated slightly earlier than the rest of his classmates. He's no prodigy, but he is quite b...
Love, Trauma, and Obsession (Jiang Cheng x OC) by A_Chenggg
Love, Trauma, and Obsession ( Miss_Z
Lan Ying, courtesy name Shanli, known by her title name "Chengsu-Ji". She is one of the Three Jades of Lan along with her two older brothers, Lan Wangji and La...
Tommyinnit Oneshots -Mostly Angst✨- No Ships! ❌ by DragonDancer55
Tommyinnit Oneshots -Mostly Angst✨ 🌻B͓̽e͓̽e͓̽B͓̽i͓̽t͓̽c͓̽h͓̽✨
... Hi (The arts on the cover are NOT mine) Will this book contain touchy subjects? I don't know, we'll have to see... I will leave a warning if a Oneshot does cover som...
Betrayal  by anonymous9292
Betrayal by Person 787424
Estella was presented as "Dead". After a dark past, she becomes Angelina Clark aka Trigger. Angelina was filled with hate and sought revenge for her past. Bec...
Dabi x male reader by JNinaS12
Dabi x male readerby Jayce_JayJay
I changed the story You're the little brother of Hawks. Well, half brother. You two share the same father, but not the same mother. It was a short relationship. Your mot...
Red Hourglass : Dark Coming Of Age Romance Thriller by ScarletRisque
Red Hourglass : Dark Coming Of Scarlet Risque
The first in the Hourglass series, Red Hourglass is a dark coming-of-age thriller romance that explores themes of identity, dominance, and submission. A fast paced read...
Jasmine~{Her World}~STILL EDITING by artemishorror
Jasmine~{Her World}~STILL EDITINGby Artemis Horror
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I don't really let people in, they'll just leave even tho they promised not too" Jasmine Rose daughter of Ace Rose and twin to Justin...
what is love? by bubblesxoo
what is love?by 𝘱𝘶𝘮𝘬𝘪𝘯
Alex but the nick name given quackity was kidnapped at the age as little as 5 Sebastian taught him a few things definitely not enough quackity hopes for Sebastian to get...
Sound From A Million Miles Away. by sashasabrinaxo
Sound From A Million Miles Sasha
A girls journey through relationships , mental health, and self discovery. 17-20
Damaged goods  by zzlittlekittenzz
Damaged goods by Localwhore
Amber starts talking to her high school ex, and Mason gets a little physical with him during an outing where the ex gets a little too touchy. Amber doesn't even say than...
Killers Charm by Fwapngh
Killers Charmby Bella Thomas-Hutton
At the age of 10, Nalani Nichole bared witness to an un imaginable crime that scarred her memory ever since. She was forced to use that grief and anger as a trigger for...
"I'm in pain sad todoroki by kai5912
"I'm in pain sad todorokiby Kai
todoroki had been being abused by everyone in his family for years ever since touya "died" But when he was walking home from school one day he felt like he was...
NUMB (Adler x bell) by nukelord
NUMB (Adler x bell)by 𝚖𝚒𝚌𝚔
Adler x bell It's about adler and bell after Solovetsky like 3 years after cuz I ship Bell is also female btw I am in love with her too she is so passive aggressive Wa...
My Son by unleavenedbread
My Sonby JekyllTheWriter
"Madam come quickly! Young Master Cesare has awoken!" "My son? Take me to him!" The Madam held her dress as she rushed up the stairs to her sons roo...
his daddy  by SugarFine
his daddy by Sugar
I adopted this story from Tyler_Tigger !! I'm so grateful I got to continue it and I hope you guys like my take on it :) Link to Tigger = Ori...
Once In A Lifetime by Jailey4Life
Once In A Lifetimeby Jailey = Love
(Official Fifty Shades re-write) Her life seemed to be going nowhere... His life seemed out of control... When a simple once in a lifetime opportunity causes their world...
Corona City by Cupcakegirlpower
Corona Cityby Cupcakegirlpower
A Modern Tangled AU. Varian is a dorky, fifteen year old nerd who is in his senior year of high school. He doesn't really have many friends and is struggling to get by...