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Jimmy Makes A Discovery by DJJordanne
Jimmy Makes A Discoveryby DJJordanne
"Greetings Scott," Jimmy said as he tipped his hat politely, "What brings you to Tumble Town this time?" "Is wanting to see my favourite Sheriff...
"What An Ugly Flower" by DJJordanne
"What An Ugly Flower"by DJJordanne
Scott broke out of his thoughts as he almost trampled a lonely red flower. He bent down and gently plucked it from the earth. Bringing it closer to his face to inspect i...
Jealousy by DJJordanne
Jealousyby DJJordanne
With another sigh, Jimmy walked over to the chair. Unceremoniously plopping down on it after opening the window. The fresh air now flowing in did nothing to stave off th...