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Enemy Turned Love❤#ETL😼 by tanayapawar
Enemy Turned Love❤#ETL😼by TANAYA.P✔️
Story Of 'MYSTERY' Story Of 'BEING TOGETHER ' Story which teaches what's "LOVE" How planned our destiny could be ! What goes around comes around ? Do you thin...
Summer of my Life by teamosel
Summer of my Lifeby Selenator
I watched the summer I turned pretty and wanted my own version ... It's very much inspired from the show but with my own twist Valerie has spend all her summers with th...
Torch (Rengoku x Male! Demon! Reader) by TotalChaos020
Torch (Rengoku x Male! Demon! Read...by Toasted
I panted heavily as a man in black chased me down the mountain. The sight and smell of blood, along with the sound of tearing flesh rang throughout my mind. Who would ha...
hello cutie. || Jeremiah Fisher x femre by ashtrayseyeslit
hello cutie. || Jeremiah Fisher x...by ashtrayseyeslit
"The way your body curves is beautiful Conklin." - Jeremiah Fisher
Decepticon Whirl by MadHatterofStarWars
Decepticon Whirlby MadHatterofStarWars
The rescuebot recruits are enjoying a nice vacation on a private island. Unknown to them, transformers Prime villain Airachnid returns and sets her sights on one recruit...
The summer I turned pretty prologue by TheRomanceRighter101
The summer I turned pretty prologueby
What are Belly and Conrad up to?
my navel play on asifs birthday  by NavalQueenNafisa
my navel play on asifs birthday by NavalQueenNafisa
sons birthday got me into navel play
Willow ||Conrad Fisher|| by spaceloves
Willow ||Conrad Fisher||by spaceloves
The more that you say, the less I know. Wherever you stray, I follow. Begging for you to take my hand. Wreck my plans. - Every year for as long as I can remember, my...
Makenzie death fog by dardxon
Makenzie death fogby dardxon
Makenzie is a girl doin alright, who becomes a princess over night.... Takes place in a world without women's rights
How Half The World Turned Furry by Nukathewolf
How Half The World Turned Furryby nuka
this is just a short story related to some tweets.
Who Wants A Blind Mate? (The Fae Omegas, #2) (SAMPLE - To Be Published) by Eunice_Amnell
Who Wants A Blind Mate? (The Fae O...by Eunice_Amnell
When a vampire coven requests for a human sacrifice to live peacefully in the same territory as the small Thurman werewolf pack, the alpha's son Jake has little qualms a...
Cnc Turning Machine by keytexmachines
Cnc Turning Machineby Keytex Machines
Cnc Turning Machine is a CNC commerce where a slice instrument, a regularly-pivoting part of the machine or turning focus, eliminates material from a turning frosty mate...
Entering the world of stainless-steel flanges. by relieng
Entering the world of stainless-st...by Reli Eng
be container flanges and tube flanges. Stainless Steel Turned Parts manufacturer in India would be of great assistance to you.There are three types of sealing faces as w...
Bitten by the Ultima Wolf by sophiscatedsophia
Bitten by the Ultima Wolfby ஓ๑𝕾𝖔𝖋𝖎𝖊๑ஓ
"Well, you're mine now, whether you like it or not," he whispered in my ear, nibbling. ▊▊▊▊▊Aaliyah Paisley was a normal human, she has heard of the Ultima Wol...
The untold story of Dracula and the Hillseries by Rainyfallday
The untold story of Dracula and th...by Tami Hill
might have a little bit of suicidal and homicidal events or/and thoughts. i'll try to make it where you can skip some not all, because it wouldn't be as good. My story p...
A Far Leap Into the Fog: short story by TheNightStoryTeller
A Far Leap Into the Fog: short sto...by The Shadows Of Night
Zombie apocalypse A boy who could end it all And a military brat. Will the odds be favor?
Ask vanny the temporary nanny by Wolfieandmollyforeva
Ask vanny the temporary nannyby Red_Jelly
Vanny accidentally turned four members of the main band into babies and now her and glitchtrap have to deal with them ask them questions and hope vanny doesn't lose her...
◌●The Pendant●◌ by PoisonKeeper
◌●The Pendant●◌by Ms. Redile_Poison
How did a former book author gets reincarnated in her favorite book of an old Historical Novel while trying to find a inspiration to write again? I know, Pretty impossib...
Life Turned Upside Down by LilJonn
Life Turned Upside Downby LilJon
This story follows Jeremy a teenager that babysits for money buy doesn't like it. Leading him to do some mean things to those he watches until he meets a little girl tha...