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The Maknae Manager | Twice x Reader FF by NehpetsSanders
The Maknae Manager | Twice x NehpetsSanders
[Start Date: December 01, 2020] *Slow Updates Due to life and college troubles. _________________________ Just a few weeks after the official debut of the JYP Entertain...
✔️Twice plus One!? by Cold_jane10
✔️Twice plus One!?by jeeyn_kold
When an 18 years old girl, living in the Philippines got the chance fo debut with a popular girl group, Twice.
Sana Imagines (gxg) by gayforddlovato
Sana Imagines (gxg)by Kaylee♡
Requested ✨ Female Reader Imagines with Sana of Twice💗 \\If you have any requests for something you'd like to see in this book, or any of my other upcoming imagines for...
I'll Wait For You (One shot) [Nayeon X Reader] by StoryInsideMyMind
I'll Wait For You (One shot) [ Im a Daydreamer
A story in which you are the 10th member of Twice. • • For the release of your new single "Alcohol-Free", the members and yourself appeared on the YouTube talk...
 ☑️ My time Jihyo x Fem reader 🔞 by noconsentnodicc
☑️ My time Jihyo x Fem reader 🔞by noconsentnodicc
Kim Y/N wonders will she ever find love? She never knew love until she did the biggest mistake of her life. Will people forgive her even the person she looks at the most...
Why Can't You Say It? || SaTzu ✔️ by misomina
Why Can't You Say It? || SaTzu ✔️by misomina 🍃
[book 1] Minatozaki Sana and Zhou Tzuyu. The perfect couple, wouldn't you say? But what if this perfect couple is only a cover up for a one-night stand, then what happen...
It's You | SaKook by juju_sk
It's You | SaKookby juju
(COMPLETED) Sana wants to pursue her dreams but her father wants her to do the other way around. She wants to escape from her life and met Jungkook. They get well along...
Hard Love: Reminiscence - Michaeng || Book II  by lemo4nade
Hard Love: Reminiscence - G.T [ON HIATUS]
[[ON HOLD]] The truth wreathed in haze shall be unveiled along with the arrival of dawn. Mina collapsed onto the floor as she hold onto her knees. Memories like floods...
Building Blocks || SaTzu by misomina
Building Blocks || SaTzuby misomina 🍃
[book 2] After Tzuyu's whole life crashed down, she's been desperate to build it up again. It's taking some time, but she knows she's getting close. But when Sana comes...
Four Letters (Chaeyoung×MiSaMo) by chaengie_cub
Four Letters (Chaeyoung×MiSaMo)by Chaeyoungie
A MiChaeng, SaChaeng and MoChaeng fanfic. Where the three is Chaeyoung's ex and before the day of her wedding-came to her and begged her not to get married. Will Chaeyo...
RUN 1,2,3! • [MɪCʜᴀᴇɴɢ] by 2129one
RUN 1,2,3! • [MɪCʜᴀᴇɴɢ]by 𝙾𝙽𝙴
Just Run Chaeyoung. A Mina and Chaeyoung Fan Fic 🏳️🌈
From Five to Six | Michaeng by Deukaesido
From Five to Six | Michaengby Deukaesido
'is she- is she about to kiss me? Is she about to kiss me?!' Her eyes moved rapidly from her eyes to her lips, how could that be happening. Chaeyoung thinks everything...
Happiness is Expensive (2yeon Fanfic) by chaengie_cub
Happiness is Expensive (2yeon Chaeyoungie
A happiness we found in each other, but is too expensive for us to have. A 2yeon fanfiction. by chaengie_cub.
I STILL CHOSE You (Michaeng 💚)  by Yournorthernstar13
I STILL CHOSE You (Michaeng 💚) by Aiel Lee
We always look for love because they say it's the most beautiful thing a person can feel. It's one of the most extra-ordinary emotion we can experience. But you know tha...
A Blessing In Disguise by Myeongsun_95
A Blessing In Disguiseby Lee Myeong Sun
"You have one way to make me drop the lawsuit" The old man threatened "Marry my son"
My Fallen Meteor by Treaka_
My Fallen Meteorby Treaka
Son Chaeyoung knows that God gifted him with one of the most handsome faces in the world-and everybody would agree to that once they see his gorgeously charming face-he'...
imagine (想像) / jeongmin by jeongsoft
imagine (想像) / jeongminby lunatic
#3 - jeongyeon #4 - jeongmin #7 - bangtwice
Tzuyu: w-what are y-you doing.. He smirked while unbuttoning his shirt looking at her with his dark eyes that full of desire for her Jungkook: making you mine... Tzuyu:...
Uneventful | Michaeng by Vika-K
Uneventful | Michaengby Cansu Vika Kaori
Chaeyoung Son, isn't living the life she set out to live. In fact most of her days feel like depressive loops set out to start and end the same way, amongst the four sta...
Stars On Their Own (A TaeTzu FanFic) by NH0101
Stars On Their Own (A TaeTzu NH95
Its a story about Kim Taehyung; a popular K-pop singer and Chou Tzuyu, a University Student 💕 When two extraordinary people met together, their story becomes extra spec...