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My Narcissistic Boss by dkwtnhiw
My Narcissistic Bossby dkwtn
Read to find out. (Nayeon x Neutral Reader) Start: 8/1/21 End: 12/29/21
My Penguin Princess (minaxreader) by rein_the_rain
My Penguin Princess (minaxreader)by Rein Oh
Meeting you for the first time when we are kids is an accident. Seeing you for a second time is a coincidence that makes me don't regret my decision in life. But meeti...
My CEO: Boyfriend's Ex Girlfriend (Twice Mina/ Female Reader) by Nomitakkkk
My CEO: Boyfriend's Ex Nomitakkkk
A girl who will know the new meaning of love. Son Y/N sister of Son Chaeyoung and brother Son Jeong hoon CEO of Son Corp. Ltd. She, Chaeyoung and Jeong hoon are very cl...
Playing With Fire (Liskook Fanfic) by purplewritingssi
Playing With Fire (Liskook Fanfic)by snowball
Lalisa Manoban, cousin of Bambam, transferred to a famous arts school in Seoul, Korea to chase after her dreams and that is to become an aspiring landscape artist. She'...
Class 2-B [Mina x M Reader] by vaasifir
Class 2-B [Mina x M Reader]by vaasifir
As our eyes met, an array of unexplainable feelings hit me at that moment. I had no idea what these feelings were... but I was more than willing to find out for myself. ...
TWICE MEMES by marksonschild21
TWICE MEMESby princessmarkie
Some twice memes because why the hell not! Start: 6/22/22 End: 7/12/22
Until You Came #Mitzu (Completed)  by MilcaDormido
Until You Came #Mitzu (Completed) by Milca Dormido
She's just a girl living her normal life. Silent type person. A savage and cold hearted person. She doesn't like interacting with anyone. Until one person came to her li...
Before the Rain Stops || Myoui Mina by J0k3r_exe
Before the Rain Stops || Myoui Minaby Eden
"Can you tell me?" "Tell what?" "The actual reason why you ran." Mina stared hard at me, and I returned it. There wasn't a mutter of apolog...
Nerds to Mafia queens by riiiiaaanan
Nerds to Mafia queensby riiiiaaanan
what happens when 8 girls return after being missing for 1 year? Are they the same nerds that everyone bullied, hated and played with in the past? Or did they change and...
New Boy Group {ROSE X MALE READER} by yourjungshook
New Boy Group {ROSE X MALE READER}by your jungshook
Lee Y/N is a Chinese singer in YG Ent in Korea, the group is made of 3 people they were suppose to debut in 5 months but that got held back to 7 months, Y/N is the main...
What's Wrong With Secretary Kim by SAIDA_SHYSHYSHY
What's Wrong With Secretary Kimby mimi_
99th secretary eh Published: April 26, 2022 Finished: ?
𝐀 𝐌𝐎𝐌𝐄𝐍𝐓 𝐈𝐍 𝐓𝐈𝐌𝐄 by azxzelle
Loving her was just a moment in time. [Mina x Female Reader]
Eyes On Me | Minayeon by konjoeyy
Eyes On Me | Minayeonby konjoeyy
An aspiring journalist, Myoui Mina, is assigned to keep up with the rising girl group 6Mix. As talented and as beautiful as 6Mix is, their popularity is sourced from a s...
Minayeon Oneshots by kaidigan
Minayeon Oneshotsby Kai
A bunch of Minayeon Oneshots, sorry for having typos and also a boring story cause it's my first time writing it I sincerely apologize for the typos, I promise to edit i...
CRY FOR ME || TWICExREADER by lernjerge
CRY FOR ME || TWICExREADERby Mar Ilyn Mikari
Nine girls, nine girls that have been broken by the same girl they love with their whole life. The girl, that have been hiding herself from them. What if their path cros...
Twice Imagines and Reactions by AttemptingKpop
Twice Imagines and Reactionsby AttemptingKpopScenarios
This is off my Tumblr, AttemptingKpopScenarios.
Destined To Love Her Times Three (MiChaeng) by rsyln224
Destined To Love Her Times Three ( rsyln224
[COMPLETED] This story is about a couple who can't get their love at right timing.They met and loved each other two times after years had passed but still can't get the...
It's Always Been You - Jenlisa (COMPLETED) by ariokacchan
It's Always Been You - Jenlisa ( Ariokacchan
Lisa graduated in one of high schools in Seoul and now is living in Thailand. Lisa flies to South Korea for a short vacation to meet up with her best friend since high s...
Wishing on your Love #Mitzu by MilcaDormido
Wishing on your Love #Mitzuby Milca Dormido
1st Book published - Until You Came #Mitzu ...
The Playgirl's Game || 2NA ✓ by riyuwi
The Playgirl's Game || 2NA ✓by 🦁 closed!
> COMPLETED 🍭 ❝Yeah! But on the bright side, you found the heart! Yay! You'll date me, and I'll date you. Oh! We'll be the perfect girlfriends!❞ Sana hosted a game w...