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• TWICE's 10th Member • by chimmylious
• TWICE's 10th Member •by .
What if Twice had 10 members instead of 9, and what if you were that 10th member?? Please send request!!
A random woman unexpectedly went inside your car and now you're in a dating scandal with her. [Nayeon x Female Reader]
Flower Boy by MysterySender
Flower Boyby rosie is inactive
«Kim Taehyung keeps on sending flowers to your twin sister's grave.» [Kth au] Date started: 061319 Date finished: 123119
TWICE: Book Of One-Shots X Reader by knightyoomyoui
TWICE: Book Of One-Shots X Readerby Knight
A compilation of TWICE One-Shot AUs ft. Y/N (Male Reader) made from the imagination by yours truly. 1K Reads = April 9, 2022 2K Reads = April 30, 2022 3K Reads = May 25...
CRY FOR ME || TWICExREADER by lernjerge
CRY FOR ME || TWICExREADERby Mar Ilyn Mikari
Nine girls, nine girls that have been broken by the same girl they love with their whole life. The girl, that have been hiding herself from them. What if their path cros...
Nayeon is a well known beauty in her university. She believe in a saying that 'She get what she want' because of her look and everything. Also she is a competitive girl...
My Narcissistic Boss by dkwtnhiw
My Narcissistic Bossby dkwtn
Read to find out. (Nayeon x Neutral Reader) Start: 8/1/21 End: 12/29/21
Sister In Law?! (2Yeon) ✔ by Tk_hehe
Sister In Law?! (2Yeon) ✔by MostlyInDream
"She's... She's your wife? That means my sister in law?" "Wae? Is there's something to shock?" >>>> Im Nayeon, Im Jaebum's lovely younger...
Nerds to Mafia queens by riiiiaaanan
Nerds to Mafia queensby riiiiaaanan
what happens when 8 girls return after being missing for 1 year? Are they the same nerds that everyone bullied, hated and played with in the past? Or did they change and...
HELLO STRANGER. by najeong_ot9twice
HELLO Yoo-Lim Twice
A most popular and play girl in the campus, Meet the boy who will make her better, the boy who will make him believe in love.... Read this story to find out their love...
Heaven Can Wait [Nayeon x M Reader] by vaasifir
Heaven Can Wait [Nayeon x M Reader]by vaasifir | hiatus
"For you Nayeon, Heaven can wait." Recalling and regretting about how things ended with your first love, Im Nayeon, is what you've been doing for the past 6 ye...
THE MATCHMAKER  by chxetzxst
THE MATCHMAKER by chxetzxst
You're the matchmaker of the campus as you can see the red string of fate. [Nayeon x Female Reader]
The Perfect Accident by najeong_ot9twice
The Perfect Accidentby Yoo-Lim Twice
A Popular Author and A Successful CEO met by accident. They didn't knew that this accident will be the perfect and great accident for the both of them. In what way this...
Long lost Princesses of Enchancia (Discounted) by riiiiaaanan
Long lost Princesses of riiiiaaanan
what happens when seven princesses return back to their world and fulfill the prophecy that they are in? main ships: liskook (lisa x jungkook) taennie (taehyung/v x jenn...
I'll Live With You #4: 3MIX by rsyln224
I'll Live With You #4: 3MIXby rsyln224
How can you conquer the strong love from your best of friends?
My Love,1932 [Jeongmi • 2yeon AU] by ryuu_gotme
My Love,1932 [Jeongmi • 2yeon AU]by andyjace
[COMPLETED] Jeongyeon died years ago. Mina can't move on from her unconfessed feelings, and Jeongyeon's sudden death because of the friend she trusted so much. Nayeon, w...
I HAVE A LOVER by najeong_ot9twice
I HAVE A LOVERby Yoo-Lim Twice
A married couple who loose their Daughter, Can they save their relationship from the biggest mistake? Can they back to their old relationship? Can they forgive each oth...
The Troublemaker - I.NY FF by Sianri_Go
The Troublemaker - I.NY FFby xnr
Trouble is not the answer at my problem just like what you said but it's the reason why I got closer to you. Im Nayeon x fem reader ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Start...
Won't You Look At Me [MISANA] by staycsupremacy
Won't You Look At Me [MISANA]by ✿
Sana is the most popular student at school thanks to her astonishing looks and warm personality. Everyone wants to date her except for Mina the student council president...
Twice Imagines and Reactions by AttemptingKpop
Twice Imagines and Reactionsby AttemptingKpopScenarios
This is off my Tumblr, AttemptingKpopScenarios.