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"Can you help me?" ⚠️ 15+ ⚠️  by okriyn
"Can you help me?" ⚠️ 15+ ⚠️ by okriyn
⚠️ Threesome ⚠️ ⚠️ Sexual ⚠️ It was nearly the end of the school day, yet only a few minutes left. Everyone in 6th period gym has just wondered off to the locker rooms...
Cristina and Her Faerie Boys by losttoliterature
Cristina and Her Faerie Boysby
Short story. Mark and Kieran and Cristina shippers enjoy! A reimagining of Cristina's relationship with Mark and Kieran within the events of Lord of Shadows *** very sli...
Quirkless Hero by OmegaYumexoxo
Quirkless Heroby OmegaYumexoxo
A quirkless girl grew up wanting to be a hero more then anything. As soon as she was 4 her class began to manifest quirks, but soon she found out she didnt have one. Ins...
Twice The Wrath by keepinupwcrissy
Twice The Wrathby Crystal Curry
TRIGGER WARNING THIS IS A VERY VERY DARK ROMANCE HONESTLY BARLEY EVEN ROMANCE _____________________________________ Hunter grabbed my ankle and bit into it hard cause me...
Truth After Lies by IvyHendrixs
Truth After Liesby Ivy Hendrix
One girl, two guys. One from her messed up past and one that's picked for her. Maddy is not the same person she used to be. She used to be the most popular girl in high...
Brain Hearted by TequilaShotX
Brain Heartedby TequilaShotX
Gwen's life changed when she got married to a friend of her family... Completely Lost between 2.
Two boys one girl  by follow4followepisode
Two boys one girl by Millz
What happens when a girl falls in love with a boy and thinks it's going to last until they face obstacles could the boy who she just met turn out to be her best friend ?
Chasing Ella by HuaaatDaStoriess
Chasing Ellaby HuaaatDaStoriess
Twins Chase and Chance Santiago are two completely different people, despite being stuck with the same face. They don't share common personalities and interests. However...
What Should I Do? : He or he? by OchaNauza
What Should I Do? : He or he?by Ocha Nauza
Best Friend since Toddlers, Mike Lautner and Jacob Willow. Going to the same highschool, always have the same class. Untill they met Samantha Blake, new kids in their sc...
Prince or Michael by TheMoonwallker72
Prince or Michaelby Themoonwallker72
In this story Ferra falls in love with Prince and Michael. She tries to control her love for both of them but her love is geting stronger and stronger. Will she choose M...
A Trip to Remember by WordlessNames
A Trip to Rememberby WordlessNames
On a Trip for Lexi's swim competition Vallery stumbles upon the presence of mysterious two brothers; Nathaniel and Hunter Bruiniel. Who turn out to be the sons of a ver...
The Love Maze by blueduckswan
The Love Mazeby bluepenguins
Catherine is excited to go to her new job. She is a new secretary and her boss has a secret past with Catherine. This book is an office love story 2 boys fight towards a...
Weekends at Lotus Resort by Kaylis06
Weekends at Lotus Resortby Kaylis
It's a BTS romance. The characters are preset, but feel free to pretend you are Irene for Jungkook or Violet for Yoonji. The other two sub characters don't know BTS thou...
Risky Business by insomniac-weirdo
Risky Businessby Avery Aizawa
Amanda Blake, an 18-year-old girl, works for the Undercover Agency of America. She is one of the top ranked agents in the facility. She receives a mission to investigate...
Tears or Heartbreak by RandomlyCake
Tears or Heartbreakby RandomlyCake
Brandon and Christopher are brothers who have an incredibly strong bond, the two are inseparable. Christopher is the mindless rebel that doesn't back down. Brandon is th...
A Sky Full Of Stars And They Were Looking At Each Other  by cake_mixx
A Sky Full Of Stars And They cake_mixx
The cliche romantic plot line of two best friends falling for each other. Another guy walks into the picture for when they first enter high school. Who will she choose? ...
Fresh Start by lilsoso4
Fresh Startby Lilsoso4
Grace knew her parents had problem but never this bad. She went to live with her aunt for a while and when school started met Hunter Rowland not wanting her relationship...